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Peter Stevens CBR250's

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Guest, Mar 3, 2006.

  1. Has anybody had any experience with Peter Steven CBR's ??


  2. saw on the compliance ? plate "imported by recycled motorcycles"

    anyone know them
  3. They are in lilydale, they are sort of a sumoto type of place (Specialises in 250's, Repaints them to look new, etc)
  4. From what I've seen of their ads they seem to deal more in wrecks and parts more than whole motorcycles. Suspect that those bikes they do sell whole are those that they've "assembled".
  5. I don't know :roll: their 250's are super expensive. Are 250's that expensive down there? They had BMW GS650's early 2k for 7 something. That sounds ok.
  6. they sound like a Sumoto clone, couldn't be much worse I suppose?
  7. My personal opinion is to stay away from Peter Stevens.

    I have had nothing but trouble with them ever since i walked in their store in Dandenong. :cry: :mad:

    They lie, dont keep you informed, dodgy, and dont keep to their word.
    I unfortunately endured the typical "chauvinistic male" customer service... :evil:

    Just a bit of info... any imported 250 has to be at least 10 years old before it can enter Australia. Dont at ALL rely on the info from the dealer as most bikes are made from all different parts...
    and most odometres have been wound back...

    From what i hear, Stafford Motors in Heidelberg Heights are good and one i can definatley recommend is A1 in either Ringwood or Brighton.

    Check them out.

    Good Luck

    -Jamie :wink:
  8. Yep they do that too, their shop looks like a junkyard with half assembled bikes eveywhere and crap all over the floors.
  9. i can vouch for them as well i bought my 250 hyosung from there and they were a great help with product knowledge and service
  10. Go up to the search function and type in peter stevens .
    then read the REAMS of threads of comments from riders who have been bent over and reemed up the arse by them.

    then decide whether its worth the risk.
  11. If you look around you can buy privately a very very good CBR250RR australian delivery for $6000 with much less km than what the sell at sumoto or peter stevens...

    Most of the gray imported CBR's are brought in and painted up by one mob in queensland... they than wholesale them onto others... some of them do their own compliance otheres not... all same S#@t...