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Peter Stevens - buying a bike shop near you

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by MelbourneMick, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. I hear Clipstone in Ringwood are now Peter Stevens and that they have supposedly purchased Taylor Honda/Yamaha in Dandenong.

  2. In Soviet Clipstone, Peter Stevens shops for you!
  3. All they have to do now is buy Metro Honda and Mick Hone and the monopoly is complete. You wont be able to buy a jap bike unless it comes from PS.
  4. and then the prices go up and up and up.
  5. I believe that the ringwood shop is moving, at least according to the signs on the block of land a bit closer to croydon
  6. It's pretty old news now. PS are very smart operators, they will gobble up several single branded outlets to become a multi franchise. This is smart business with declining motorcycle sales, it will almost garuntee them a sale and will inevitably make shopping in one place easier for consumers.

    PS have a sight near Etheridge Ford. It's reported to be a three story, multi franchise outlet which will also include, service, pwc sales, gear sales and their clearance centre. I'm tipping this may spell the end for the other smaller shops in Ringwood, there is no doubt PS bring plenty of people in the area.
  7. they just need to employ less arse-hats and more good people.
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  8. Firstly, let me say that Im not anti Peter Stevens. In fact I hope PS keeps growing because like it or not they put lots of people onto motorbikes.

    Now, not everybody wants the PS experience after they have bought a bike and this paves the way for people like me to run businesses that syphon off the customers that will happily buy a bike from them but after that they dont ever want to go back.

    I hope PS keeps growing because there keeping me in business servicing the bikes that they sell.
  9. True Pete. I happily bought a bike from them a few months ago, but I would never have it serviced there!
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  10. Lets not pretend this is good for consumers, it isn't! Particularly with the PS ethos on finance.

    Lets hope not, metro honda were fantastic with my bike even if there was no stock in the country. Ok, maybe they could have prepared it slightly better but I think they were ensuring I got it ASAP after a long wait. I have bought a few things from them and found the service great.
  11. PS in Dandenong have also purchased the land (ex car yard) next door & are going to extend their existing building.

    P.S. (pun intended!)I bought my Z from PS in the city but do all my own servicing. PS will NEVER touch it !!! :rofl:
  12. I see this with a the FORD dealership in Canberra. 4 sites run by one brand. Same price every site. So if PS are the only dealers in Melbourne they will control price and market share. The discounts they offer now to beat the smaller operators will disapear if there is no competition.
  13. Did you buy it in the crate? Not being sarcastic, but wondering how far people are going.
  14. also have the gym that was next door to that land......
    and are planning on putting on more apprentices.....
  15. Well, I can't say I've really experienced any bad service from PS, in fact I've had some pretty good experiences at City, when my wife spent many hours looking for gear, myself at Ringwood purchasing a lid and getting the wifes Ninja tuned and FTG in the clearence centre.
    Maybe, just maybe those having bad experiences are going into the stores expecting it so create it?
    Anyway, smart operators I guess, can't hold that against them.
  16. Ha Ha,,,
    & yes you are being sarcastic!
    Bought it as a demo so the 1k service & the Kawasaki recall had already been done before I bought it.
    Haven't had any bad experience with them.
    Did have to haggle with them when they tried to charge $50 to fit each tyre (rims off the bike)!!
  17. Give me one example where a monopoly has benifited the consumer.
  18. I love internet forums. They allow anyone to just make up stories about anything.....

    Motorcycle sales in Australia continued to grow significantly in the final months of 2011, according to official figures released today by the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI).

    A total of 109,067 new motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and scooters were delivered to customers during the full year 2011, an increase of 3226 motorcycles (or growth of 3.0 per cent).

    31,938 motorcycles were delivered in the fourth quarter alone (between October and December), compared with 26,750 in the third quarter.

    FCAI chief executive Ian Chalmers said the recovery of motorcycle sales was encouraging given some recent years of soft sales nationwide.

    “While sales of road and off-road motorcycles have remained reasonably static throughout the year, scooter and all-terrain vehicle segments have continued their impressive growth again this year,” he said.

    “The 18.4 per cent growth in ATV sales is somewhat indicative of the recovery of rural economies nationwide, where these motorcycles are most popular.

    “8.9 per cent growth in scooter sales continues to highlight the popularity of these modes of personal transport, as motorists seek to avoid high petrol prices and increasingly congested metropolitan roads,” he said.

    A total of 22,428 ATVs were sold in 2011, up 18.4 per cent (or 3486 units).

    More than one in five motorcycles sold last year was an ATV.

    The scooter segment finished the year with 11,374 sales, up 8.8 per cent (or 929 scooters).

    Sales of road bikes recovered strongly in the fourth quarter, finishing the year 1.4 per cent ahead of 2010 with 38,628 sales.

    The only segment not to grow in 2011 was off-road motorcycles, with sales volumes declining4.5 per cent (1735 sales).

    Mr Chalmers said despite the decline in off-road segment sales, seven of the top 10 motorcycles remain off-road dirt-bikes.

    “Australians continue to embrace motorcycling as a favoured recreational activity, and off-road motorcycles fill this role particularly well.

    “The off-road segment remains the second largest, accounting for 36,637 sales, almost 34 per cent of the total market,” he said.

    Motorcycle sales in Australia peaked in 2008, with 134,279 motorcycles delivered to customers that year.

    Japanese manufacturers continue to dominate sales. Honda was the number one brand, delivering 24,024 motorcycles to the end of December.

    Yamaha was in second position with 20,152 sales, followed by Suzuki (13,671), Kawasaki (9745) and Harley Davidson (6427).

    Honda’s CRF50F was the most popular single model (2982 sales), followed by long-time favourite the Honda CT110 model, sold almost exclusively to Australia Post as a delivery bike.

    Honda’s CBR250R was the country’s most popular conventional road bike with 2172 sales.

    Mr Chalmers said the industry was looking forward to 2012, with an optimistic outlook for both sales and wider industry issues.

    “With favourable conditions continuing across regional areas, coupled with stable economic outlook, we see sales growing further in 2012,” he said
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  19. They won't get Metro, I don't think. Metro is a successful Ducati dealership.
    I know the owners, and it would take aloot of dosh. They love their dukes, and it is actually more helpful to ps, to have some competition.

    If they DID buy out clipsone, then I wonder if Yamaha is giving them the brand...THAT would be a big deal!!.
  20. PS FTG have been a yamaha (and kawasaki) dealer for a while now, so they definitely already stock Yamahas