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Peter Stevens, Another "love" story.

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by thetramp64, May 21, 2007.

  1. Simple really. Wanted to trade a Suzuki VL800 on the Suzuki Bandit.
    Went into Peter Stevens and got promised the world.
    Took my bike in for a trade in evaluation, and got stuffed around jerked around and whatever else around.

    Had one of the "managers" tell me they couldn't trade it as it had no compliance plate.
    This was after I had phoned Suzuki and confirmed that:
    (a) You can (legally); and
    (b) Peter Stevens knows this, they just order a new plate.

    When I told the manager this, I got a face full of attitude about his "xxx" years in the motorcycle game and how he knew better. At this point I told the "gentleman" what I did for a job, and asked (rather nicely) which section of the Motor Car Traders Act or the Second Hand Dealers Act (as applicable) he was refering to, re: compliance plates? No answer. Funny that.
    When I pointed out he was wrong / perhaps misleading me even it was suddenly "it was company policy" not the "law" at all.
    If he had said that and NOT mislead me we would NOT have had an issue.

    No problem. There are other bike shops.
    Spoke to A1 in Moorabbin and had it evaluated, traded and changed over in 2 days! (and at a better price). Oh and with the compliance plate missing! As they said "we just order a new one". (Rocket science eh?)
    So, A1 scored the bike, 2 x helmets and insurance. (Damn good quote too!)

    Memo to Peter Stevens.
    (i) train your staff in customer service;
    (ii) DON"T LIE to CUSTOMERS;
    (iii) Read some of these forums!

    Rant over!

    Edited a little...................
  2. I can tell you for a fact that they do read these forums ;)
  3. and yet they do not care and nothing ever changes.
  4. I've heard them called the "Fast Food" dealers of the Motorcycle game. Just keep selling crap to newbies at overinflated prices and don't care.
    I'd agree with that.
    It's just pure arrogance. An attitude of "We are the biggest so who cares etc?"
  5. No more volusia!!!!!

    Post a review of the transition to the bandit soon - we all want to know the outcome!
  6. Edit: Real quick "first impressions" type post there now!
  7. Didn't even bother going back after their lack of interest re: sharpening their pencils on purchase of the wife's new gsx750f. Went to A1
    A1 got my cash when I bought the Hayabusa.
    There's$26k that PS just missed out on in 4weeks from one buyer.
    Guess they're doing well enough for it not to matter.....
    On a brighter note, A1 have my loyalty and I'd happilly recommend them to anyone.
    Great service and VERY competitive on price.
    All the guys are friendly and helpful.

    They get a slowandsteady rating of A1 :grin:
  8. Actually they've been OK recently, this is the first time we've had a complaint up in a year or so.
  9. oh loz did you miss my rant, about how they tried to (charge) me 3.5 hours to fit a set of oggy knobs and a ventura rack to a nake bike considering i had just bought the bike off them and gear too.... like fcuk i was paying was my response wtf were they doing for the other 3 hours wanking off in toliets?

    Well about 1 hour later, after arguring with the service manager (who told me it takes time to fit them (all if 1 bolt each for the oggy and 4 bolts for the rack) i argured with the manager then refused to leave as they were closing, and told them to take it off again as when i bought the gear they told me they could just fit it for me during the service but no mention of charging to do so....

    fcuking useless lot there!!!! But if you are happy to argure through all the bullshit you can get some good buys.... IMO if i could of found the SV at the same price anywhere else i would of bought it anywhere else

  10. Hey Tramp, what happend to the full story, how you went back etc. and more BS!

    I liked the story better on Friday and would give people more insight into PS customer service!

    Comon, lets dispense with the watered down version and have the full story!!!

    Pooh is waiting! :grin:
  11. WTF!! allowing for threadlock issues, my RnG crash knobs take 10minutes to replace. Even the bent one I posted up about took a total of half an hour once I got going.

    A rack might be a bit trickier to fit, but if they go on anything like the one on my 9R, then there's no way I can see 3hours trickier.

    You were right to argue the point Stewy.

    Interesting story Tramps. I haven't had any bad dealings with PS, but I choose not to go there in favour of the smaller mobs because it's almost impossible to build a customer relationship with PS, especially the City store...


  12. I was in PS Elizabeth St a couple of weeks and actually heard a "customer" ask to have a look at a used MT01 they had up the back and the so called sales person (man) said they don't have one of them in stock! The customer (pointing) said it's that big Yamaha up the back and the sales person replied what is it again? I had just wandered around the shop and had a look myself and the customer and I just looked at each other and rolled our eyes. He hadn't asked for a ride even though he was in riding gear with lid and about 40ish. He just wanted to have a better look at the bike. He walked. If sales don't know what a MT01 is they shouldn't be in the bl@@dy job.
  13. I've had a bad and an OK experience with them...not good just OK.

    Once when looking at gear we really got given the cold shoulder because we were not buying, and once when making a purchase we actually got decent service but nothing to write home about carbon copy salesdrones is about the best i have experience there.

    I have a much higher respect for other shops and will travel the extra distanceto do business there. They actually apear to value my business and the sales people seem friendly.
  14. What was the trade in value for your Suzuki? How long did it take for the mechanic to evaluate?
  15. I'm not condoning it but you will find it's about a 50/50 chance at PS that a salesperson is a "biker" (or at least knows about bikes.) They are more salespeople orientated as opposed to bikers working as salespeople. Hope that makes sense? Not common sense, just sense as in "sense". I believe personally a salesperson at a motorbike shop should know "their products". I reckon it would be hard to find a car salesperson who doesn't know much/anything about the car(s) they are selling. If you do find it, it probably won't take long before they are given the boot. That's unless PeterStevens has a (used) car shop division? :wink: :LOL:
  16. While we are all sharing...... My experience.

    Salesmen enthuse that their mechanics do everything they can find on any trade in they are selling. I've worked for quite a few dealers and with the exception of one, mechanics do the minimum possible as requested by the sales department. The only exception was a Rolls Royce Bentley dealer and even they had dubious days when selling non RR/Bentley vehicles.

    Went in today and asked for a labour quote for the following on a VFR750.

    Replace Fork Seals and fork Oil (3 hours)
    Replace chain and regrease chain adjuster (1 hour)
    Clean/Regrease suspension linkages and swingarm pivot (2 hours)
    Measure/Adjust valves and balance carbs (6 hours)

    Eleven hours total, think theres a few fag/coffee breaks in there too, but the main scary bit was the $90 an hour labour charges, oh and the fact the service guy didn't seem to understand that V4's have two cylinder heads not one.

    I think I might do the forks, chain, swingarm, suspension myself given it has a nice centre stand :) and find someplace that understands the concepts of a vee engine configuration.
  17. Took him about 4 minutes. Mechanic???????????? The Sales guy did it!!!!Around $5.4k.
  18. If I posted what I thought, it would be an invitation for a libel suit! (DON'T think I didn't consider it) :p
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  20. Correct. I've added a "new vehicle" to the list. The 1250cc.