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Peter Stevens and Dririder warranty?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by cossie, Dec 24, 2005.

  1. I bought a Dririder Nordic 4 from peter stevens about 5 weeks ago. Recently a press stud has pulled straight out of the material leaving a hole.

    I took it back today but the saleswoman said it would have to be sent back to Dririder for repair, leaving me without a jacket for a week and therefore not being able to ride. :(

    Where do I stand legally with demanding a refund instead of a repair?
    Is there a specific length of time I have to have owned it for before I lose the right to a replacement instead of a repair? : :?:
  2. I don't think you have a leg to stand on, they are getting it repaired for you, I would have asked them for a loan jacket.
    Would be suprised if they couldn't help out with one.
  3. I would contact the distributors - Mcleods. They are general very helpful and should be able to arrange a repair..

    I had stiching problem with my Nordic 4 jacket. I returned it to Peter Stevens (city) who phoned Mcleods who advised them to provide me with a replace jacket from their stock.

    It surprises me that they didnt do the same for you..
    Give them a call and see how you go..

  4. I had my zip replaced after taking back a jacket to PS 3 years after I bought it. They sent it away, it came back with a new zip, and the bill was the same..................ZIP

    Peter Stevens RAWK!!!!!
  5. I'll try and find the number for Mcleods and ring them when they re-open after xmas.

    I told the saleswoman at PS that it I couldnt do without the jacket as it was the only one I had and I needed it to ride in every day but she just shrugged her shoulders as if to say "stiff shit".

    Also one of the elastic loops that holds the liner in place at the sleeve has come away from the liner so they'll need to fix that up too.

    I wouldnt have thought it unreasonable to demand a replacement instead of a repair seen as the jacket is not very old at all but wasn't too sure where I stand legally?
  6. mcleods can replace at their discretion

    otherwise they can supply a replacement jacket for you to use
  7. I have dealt directly with Dririder and Mcleods b4.
    I took my jacket to Mcleods out by the airport and dropped it off and they gave me a loan one.

    More of a concern to me has been that my dririder boots and pants have started to leak and I was told to go and buy some seam sealer stuff.
    Problem is, that in Melb it doesn't rain often enough for me to know if the problem is fixed or not.
    I can just see me being out of warrantee and having the problem still. :(
  8. Get someone to lightly/heavily spray you with a hose while wearing the said clothes?
  9. ^^ true.