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Peter Stevens Adelaide

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by kenn0171, Dec 18, 2006.

  1. Firstly, i hope i've put this up in the right forum....

    anyway, i've heard a lot of people on this forum from the eastern states have had problems with Peter Stevens, and I was wondering if this is localised to their eastern state stores.

    I ask, because i've had nothing but decent service from the guys at Peter Stevens in Adelaide. Admittedly, i havent bought a bike from them, but i've been in on three seperate occasions for different bits of gear (seat bag, gloves, jacket), and the people who helped me out were full of useful advice and were more interested in selling me what i needed rather than what has the biggest profit.

    So it'd be interesting to see if other Adelaidians have had similar good experiences with Peter Stevens. It makes a bit of a difference from a lot of the Peter Stevens are crap topics :)
  2. As above, I haven't bought a bike (nor had mine serviced) from Peter Stevens, but I have bought parts and gear from them.

    Back-order parts are delivered pretty quickly and according to schedule, the staff are friendly and the gear is marked at reasonable prices.
  3. i will not enter Peter Stevens unless I have to.
    I went there with the intention of buying a new motorcycle to turn into a custom project while still on my restrictions.

    Firstly it took 20 mins before anyone served us (I went with my BF), and then they only served us after we went up to one of the staff and said "Can we have some service please!!"

    Then what transpired next was the most ridiculous episode of sexism i've ever seen. I started to ask the salesman questions about the suzuki sv650. the man would look at me strangely, then turn & answer my BF. basicly he was ignoring me cause I was a girl, and would only talk to my BF.

    we got shitty & left. I know another female rider who had the same experience there - in fact one of the staff members said to her "why are you asking all these questions when you're only going to be sitting on the back?"

    THey may treat males differently but I won't spend another dollar there.
  4. I've had the same problem with them. Spent a good half hour a few weeks back waiting for service. When someone finally did speak to me they were very unhelpfull and just didn't seem interested. Maybe it was because I am young and the bloke probably thought I couldn't afford a new bike or something. Unfortunatley they are the only Triumph dealer in the state (apart from Pt Lincoln, but im not going all the way up there to buy a bike) so I am going to have to deal with them to get my Daytona.
  5. Well at least I now know that I'm probably best to steer clear of them when it comes to the hunt for a new bike, unless I have a lot of patience and time to wait around before being served :p
  6. You guys just need to know the trick to getting service in Peter Stevens. I too had the same problem until I realised what you need to do: go sit on a Harley, preferably an expensive one. As soon as you through a leg over someone is over trying to help you.

    Then you say, "Hi, yes, can you help me with that sportsbike over there?" ;)
  7. I've had charming, patient and attentive service all the way through my purchasing decision from them, as well as follow ups to see if I am happy and traveling well.

    No problems with me being a chick. I went shopping on my own and didn't give them the option of talking to the bloke. At one stage my cousin wanted to come in but after handing him the tech specs, I realised a lifetime of driving performance automobiles had taught him diddly and he was just going to behave like a dick. Also, pulling up out front in a Boxster was not going to help my bargaining power any.

    But yeah, they were good. Give them a chance.
  8. So what's the big deal about walking up to the droids and saying, "ey, I need some service"???

    All this " I waited for 20 mins for service" is crap.

    I bet these are the same people that whinge when they are offered service the minute they walk in.

    Perhaps when these droids are in training they should be told to ask you when you would like service the minute you walk in :roll:
  9. [​IMG]

    I just had to use this today! :p
  10. ive had nothing but good friendly service from them here in adelaide. everytime i enter they treat me with respect and the guys there are awesome. i even go riding with them and seen one of them at track day.
  11. Yep I can't complain about the service I've had, I've brought a new bike from them a few years back and the service was really good, plus over the years I've got all sorts of accessories and parts and had no problems whatsoever, in fact compaired to the shit service I have received from a few of the other bike shops around Adelaide I would rate Peter Stevens as fantastic,
  12. if u want interesting service, check out adelaide motorcycle accessories near chinatown on morphett street. that dude is like a hawk! i wonder if he actually wants any business or is just operating a money laundering operation.. haha.

    keith from total motorcycles is the best in adel.
  13. I've had fantastic service for accessories (and bought a fair bit of the "little" stuff from them). I haven't bought a bike from them but every time I even look sideways at a bike, there's someone by my side asking how they can help (even when there's me and my gf :))
  14. actually back to the topic.. peter stevens is good. one of younger guys josh from the accessories department is very friendly and in general they dont make u feel bad for just browsing around, like a lot of shops do. bought gloves and other accessories there before.

    actually heres an interesting story:

    when visiting the shop there once, i noticed a key still stuck in the side of a BMW coupe parked outside. so i took the key and locked the car up - thinking.. 'better return this to the owner before it gets jacked!' (i needed some good karma)

    Then i went into the accounting firm inside, then finally to peter stevens next door to find the owner. It ended up being a guy from PS who owned the beamer. He was ULTRA thankful (as u would be) as apparently if u dont return both original BMW keys u dont get to claim insurance on theft. After being offered a reward, i said No thats ok man, i dont do these sorts of things for that reason. But he was so thankful in the end he insisted on slipping me 50 bucks.

    thanks, mate!
  15. 1 new GS500F
    1 new CBR600RR

    Serviceing is OK, but as always, trust no-one.

    KevS's wife just bought a new GS500F yesterday from PS.
    Kessners said "they couldn't match the price"

    my 2¢
  16. 1 new GS500F
    1 new CBR600RR

    Serviceing is OK, but as always, trust no-one.

    KevS's wife just bought a new GS500F yesterday from PS.
    Kessners said "they couldn't match the price"

    my 2¢
  17. Servicing there I will not speak highly of.

    If I had a Hardly Driveable, apparently it would be a different experience.

    As it is, the service manager has a tool in his hand, although the other blokes seemed personable enough.