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Peter Slipper Has Resigned As Speaker

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by grange, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. SPEAKER Peter Slipper has resigned his post, telling the parliament tonight that he was standing down.
    During an emotional speech Mr Slipper said he thanked the parliament for his support during his tenure as the 27th speaker and said he was resigning with "great sadness."
    "I hold no rancour," Mr Slipper said.
    How it happened: Katharine Murphy blogs live at The Pulse
    Mr Slipper said he believed so strongly in the importance of this house, that he was far more important than his own future.
    Mr Slipper, who held back tears, paid tribute to acting speaker Anna Burke for her service that had gone beyond what was required.
    "Nobody would have expected that you would have thrust upon you the responsibility you have," Mr Slipper said.
    The member for Fairfax, in Queensland, paid tribute to the other deputy speaker Bruce Scott.
    "[It has been] A great privilege to serve as speaker of this place," Mr Slipper said.
    The former LNP member has once again been the focus of federal politics after court documents revealed that Mr Slipper sent lurid and sexist text messages to his staffer James Ashby.
    Among the messages, Mr Slipper referred to female genitalia as "shell-less mussels". The messages prompted the Opposition to say he was unfit for office.
    Most MPs attended the address, with Prime Minister Julia Gillard saying it was a difficult time for Mr Slipper and his family.
    Opposition Leader Tony Abbott said everybody felt for Mr Slipper "as a human being" saying he had done the "right and honourable thing" to resign.
    Mr Slipper had suspended himself from speaker while allegations of sexual harassment and improper conduct were investigated.
    The former LNP member has once again been the focus of federal politics after court documents revealed that Mr Slipper sent lurid and sexist text messages to his staffer James Ashby.
    Mr Slipper had earlier survived a motion to remove him from office — moved by Opposition Leader Tony Abbott — was defeated by 70 votes to 69 with the government supported by independent MPs Craig Thomson, Rob Oakeshott, Tony Windsor and Greens MP Adam Bandt.
    Tasmanian independent Andrew Wilkie voted with the Coalition.
    Mr Slipper issued a short statement after the vote.
    "It was intended at the time that text messages be private between Mr Ashby and me," he said.
    "A number of these text messages refer to women and nothing excuses their content ... I understand why people, particularly women, would be offended by these statements and I unreservedly apologise for them."
    During the debate Mr Abbott said it was "crystal clear" Mr Slipper was no longer a fit and proper person to uphold the dignity of the Parliament.
    But Ms Gillard hit back, saying Mr Abbott did not need a motion to highlight misogyny and sexism; he needed a mirror - and the motion should be rejected.
    Under section 35 of the constitution, the Speaker can be removed by a vote in the House of Representatives.


  2. Re: Peter Slipper Has Resigned

    Who cares? He's a politician
  3. He should have been removed months ago.
    Resigning just means he gets to keep all the various perks and benefits which, like most politicians, he doesn't deserve.
  4. well its good that it turned out he was bullshitting everyone and it wasnt some crazy liberal plot. what a ****ing tool, he should have just come clean and resigned rather than carry on like this.
  5. So he called someone an ignorant botch in a text message. I dunno since the NSW mp scandal where the guy was giving 14 yr old boys heroin so he could screw them any other scandal has just been a bit meh.
  6. gillard needs to get off her high horse....

    i hope that she gets booted out...
    at least abbot has clear cut morals, not ones that change with the poles
  7. Think u made a typo

    Pedo slipper
  8. He has always been known as Peter "Slippery" up here on the Sunshine Coast. Slippery by name and extremely slippery by nature it would seem.
  9. One less f.....n maggot.
  10. The man is undoubtedly gay - there is no evidence to suggest he is a paedophile. The two are not inextricably linked.
  11. you haven't seen what he looks like have you..... :angel:
  13. This oxygen thief was my local member when I lived on the Sunshine Coast. The only reason he kept getting in is that the Coast always votes conservative. This guy has been ripping off the system for over a decade.....should have been deregistered by the liberals years ago. There's also been a rumour for years that the libs have a video of him in bed with another former (male) staffer.

    So glad to hear this halfwit won't be back in the speakers chair. His appointment was one of the lowest points in Australian politics in recent memory. Don't be fooled by his crocodile tears either - this bloke deserves everything he gets.
  14. Not really, he's married to a woman.
  15. My favourite part was when she told how she would not act against sexism and misogyny, and then proceeded to tell everyone how she was so opposed to and offended by sexism, misogyny and hypocrisy.

    To this day I cant understand how she was reelected.
  16. Hardly proof he's having sex with them ;).
  17. with another male! Oh, Shame, shame, shame.

    The 50's called. They want their homophobic, biggoted opinions back. I'll just pass on the message to the libs.
  18. one less scumbag - but a whole parliament, public "service" and most of the "justice" system to go.
  19. Since when do politicians require proof to call someone a pedo?...........

    Payback sucks...............one thing they have going for them that no other public has is parliamentary privilege............where they could can wrongly accuse someone of being a pedo, ruin their life, bully them, and not be wrong in a court of law.