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Peter Roebuck cricket columns, he's trolling again

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by evelknievel75, Nov 6, 2010.

  1. well bend me over and discipline me like a schoolboy, peter roebuck is at it again in the fairfax papers....


    today's column about the glory that is Kevin Petersen and how devastating he will be for england against Australia, is just a taste of how bad everything he will write for this coming cricket season.

    so KP is expected to slay the Australian cricket side, because "he has done some soul searching"?
    Roebuck writes like he is putting together prose or poetry and talks as verbose as he writes....
    I find his columns overwrought, overbearing and the fact he is over here doesn't help ( he had some legal tussles in old england and decamped to australia ).

    they also have a very scientific poll on the sydney morning herald, currently voting 75% that KP will be trouble for australia ( this may be the same polling group that found 84% of australians thought sachin tendulkar was the best batsman ever, over don bradman even ). yeah right.

    anyone else not enjoy roebucks efforts?
  2. Always enjoy Peter Roebuck, he can string two sensible, well-educated sentences together, which is more than 99% of Australian journalists, in any discipline, can manage.
  3. He certainly can write but his opinions sucks. He's a tosser.
  4. you mean, you disagree with him, right?
  5. but you agree with him right?
  6. sometimes yes, sometimes no, but he IS a very good journalist

    I WAS pointing out DG's obvious problem with playing the man and not the ball, actually.....
  7. I sometime agree with him but mostly not. I find him precious. He seems to think that if the game was run HIS way everything would be as it should. I suppose I have problems with opinion journalism as it always seems to criticise.
  8. He writes some interesting stuff, but he's writing as much to create a response as to anything else. I mean, you've posted about it, others have read your post and clicked the link and FF have more page views...