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Peter G'Day Russel G'Day Clarke!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by NegroGrande, Jan 15, 2008.

  1. #1 NegroGrande, Jan 15, 2008
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  2. Did you hear him on JJJ this morning?? Funny as!
  3. I went to school with his son. He used to turn up to all the school gigs. Both of them very nice chaps in the flesh. :)
  4. I never pictured him swearing like a sailor i have 10x more respect for the guy
  5. He is human! Thats soooo funny :LOL:
  6. That's interesting I used to go to school in carlton, and sometimes saw him out for his morning walk while i was on the way to school. He always walked like he owned the place, really pompos outlook.
  7. Well he was far from pompous this morning!! You mustn't have heard the poofs and commies joke!
  8. Left home before it was on JJJ, and can't get youtube at work...
  9. That's GOLD!

    My stomach hurts from laughing..... :LOL:
  10. Thats f*cking funny as. I vaguely remember him from when i was a kid and never would have picked it. "F*cking fry the c**ts till they go black, ya prick". Gold :grin:
  11. For those that haven't seen this in the Jokes and Humor section:

    PRC is a card-carrying, fully subscribed life member of the Absolute C*nts Club.

    Had him walk into a shop I was working at in the early eighties and he literally screamed ranted and raved at the girls behind the counter because the pictures of his precious snowflake were not back, despite them not being due until the next day.

    The final straw was the little prick screaming through spittle at me "Don't you know who I am, *d1ckhead*?" while poking me in the chest, which I replied "the patient?" before decking him.

  12. You decked him??? :!:
  13. Yup. Felt a little bit bad about it straight afterwards, as he is vertically challenged. That is until the police turned up (his friend went and got them) and, after they found out he had assaulted me first and informed him of same, he yelled at the copper "don't you effing well know who I am, moron?", at which point they removed him from the shop.


    The policeman called back a couple of days later and gave me a contact card in case there was a civil suit.

    Still think PRC is an asshole.
  14. That's gold. :LOL:
    Had to wipe the tears away before I could type.
  15. hmmm...not sure

    I worked for the TV/film production company which made a couple of the TV series 'Come and get It' which appeared on Ch2 and unfortunately
    I have seen this (and more) before..... :roll:
  16. So spill the beans! Fill us in....