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NSW Peter Debnam want YOUR opinion

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by pete the freak, Mar 21, 2007.

  1. It appears that Peter Debnam (leader of the NSW opposition) has put up an open question on Yahoo Answers asking what specifically you want to change in NSW.

    This is a perfect opportunity for us riders to raise some issues.


    Go for it kiddies...
  2. Yes, whether he LISTENS to you remains to be seen! Worth a shot though! Go for it NSW kiddies! :grin:
  3. Debman is a p00f !
  4. Doesn't mean he can't do a better job than Iemma. A room full of monkeys could do a better job than Iemma - both would work on pure incompetence but the monkeys wouldn't be adding deliberate deception.

    Check this out for proof:MCIS levies in CTP
  5. Sadly it's not going to make any difference because despite 12 years of blunder and incompetence and corruption by the Government, the Opposition has not put up a convincingenough an argument to be installed as the alternative.
  6. In this situation, I don't think 'better the devil you know'. Labor have fcuked everything, absolutely everything they have touched. I'm voting shooters in the upper house, liberal in the other...
  7. Yeah, when discussing political bias before, rather than saying I am a conservative, or a socialist or a whatever, I say I am an economist. It isn't glamorous but to my mind if you can't keep the wallet healthy, you don't have any money to spend on feeding the kids or fixing the roof! Let alone getting ahead. Labor just can't manage economically. The only time Labor could was when the best Liberal treasurer was working for Labor - Paul Keating!
  8. Debnam is still a p00f !
  9. Oh shit yeah we 'gotta' vote on Saturday.
    Well if it wasnt for the odd policatical BS junk mail, wouldnt even know there is a state election on down in this part of NSW.

    Even though our tv signal comes from Albury, our national news is feeded in from Melbourne, we know more with whats going on in Vic etc then we do in NSW.
    Live outside of Sydney & the rest of NSW just doesnt exist.
  10. Just vote a third party greens, democrats, christain demorcrats, or IDEPENDANTS.
  11. I'd love to vote IDEPENDANTS. :grin:

    Have you ever met any Idependants? There's a reason why most parties won't touch them with a ten foot barge pole. Absolute deadshits, 70% of them.
  12. absolute dead shits aye i reckon that could apply to the 2 majour parties aswell
  13. Deadshits are ALL politicians.
    I vote MG!
  14. What really pisses me right on on polling day is the paper attack one faces on the way in.

    I had tank bag in one hand, helmet in other. Being obvious I couldnt take anything none of them tried all expect one. She nearlly copped a friggin mouth full. She looks @ me, I look back & give the gesture yeah right come on lady how am I gonna take that off you, & kept walking. She on the other made an issue of it for not taking Bloody lucky she didnt end up with a tank bag wrapped round her head.

    Oh yeah next time, lets have a Netrider party lol after all if the horse people can why cant we :LOL:
  15. I voted at my local school around 10:30ish, and the Liberal Party didn't have any representatives at the gate handing out "how to vote' cards. I drove past around 1:00pm and there were some placquards and people there then. I think any realistic assessment is that they have no hope of winning anyway, so why bother?

    I always take everyone's 'how to vote' card, even if I have no intention of voting for them. And then I courteously return it to them afterwards so they can use it again. How hard can that be, and I bet you'd appreciate that if you were in their shoes..?
  16. Even though I find the paper attack on the way in, just a waste, time, money, trees basically a good waste of money which could be put to better use, I norm do take them & hand them back. But it was obvious I had my hands full. The others could see that & were fine, do the friendly nod, smile, no problems. But nope she wanted to make an issue out of it.

    No idea whos camp she was from, & dont really care if thats how they norm react when someone doesnt take the handouts.
  17. I wasn't piling onto you for your reaction, Simone, just making a general comment, sorry if it sounded offensive :).
  18. Its all good Paul, [​IMG]
    Just me havint a rant, mother inlaw here, & its turning into 'one' of those visits. Patience pushed to the limit already.
  19. ah, the maximum penalty for bigamy; two mothers-in-law :LOL:
  20. Just saw on the news Debnam and his wife voting. It was funny because they couldn't find her name on the role, but doubly funny because her name is Debra Debnam.