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Peter Batchelor resigns

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by robsalvv, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. Just heard on the radio that Peter Batchelor is resigning. Having been transport minister through some of the introduction of the most draconian myopic road legislation, and now Energy minister with some of the largest energy price rises in history, I'm not sure many aware road users or household budget purse string holders will miss him.

    Bye bye

  2. Let me guess, he 'wants to spend more time with his family', which is shorthand for 'I can make more money and have more influence being a consultant to government than I can being IN it'.
  3. Or possibly, "Someone's got something on me and I'd better get out while the going is good". ;)

    My wife says I'm going to die of cynicism.
  4. They've always "had something on him". He was responsible for the How to Vote Cards criminal act back in 1999, yet he got away with not being charged.

    The State Government's contempt for the law has become more arrogant and contemptuous toward the electorate ever since :censored:
  5. Cameron perhaps - he's not been a terribly good performer, but Batchelor has been there for over 20 years and he's turned 60, so I suspect that the reality is that it's an opportune time for him to retire.

    The How to Vote Cards (which was in 1985 not 1999) was when he was accused of distributing misleading how-to-vote cards which claimed to be a vote for "nuclear disarmament", leading voters to conclude they were voting for the Nuclear Disarmament Party.

    It wasn't criminal because it never actually mentioned the NDP but it was a pretty stupid effort and I suspect a totally wasted effort - I doubt the NDP has a lot of followers in Nunawading anyway...

    Not as bad as the NSW effort by the Libs which was outright fraud.

    I doubt there's going to be too many riders or drivers that will remember Batchelor with any affection. As titus said, he basically laid the foundations for the problems we have ended up with today.
  6. Tony, thanks for the correction. I blame the weather ;)
  7. It was RobSalv (but I'll take the credit if you want :bolt:)
    I'll remember Bachelor for the crack about motorcyclists being "statistically unimportant" when it came to the dangers of wire rope barriers.
    (Wish we were still statistically unimportant...)
  8. Apologies to you both...
    (Paul isn't the only one getting senile)

  9. I like Titus, so I've no drama being mistaken for him :)


    The run of comments are pretty much anti Labor... how very interesting...

    :LOL: :LOL:
  10. Bye Bye batchelor, good ridance, did nothing good at all except jack up prices, like your other comrades in that communist party, opps i mean Labaor party!, now go and spend your huge superannuation now, like the rest of us, of thats right , we cant until we actually reach 65 or retire and you should have taken your mate John Bumbling as well. I remember him back in the 90s as well as that other fool bubble head white...and we still havnt learnt!
  11. That's pretty standard fair on any News Ltd publication though, and that goes doubly so for the home of Andrew Bolt.
  12. Political genius that Brumby. It worked last time (Kosky), (Thwait), . . . sorry I've lost count of the number of departed ministers who can therefore not be questioned about their incompetence in the lead up to an election.
  13. Slight side note - but what an horrifically written article! The standard of writing/proofing/editing never ceases to disgust me. How long does it take to read over what you've just written and realise how clunky it is and find where you've repeated entire phrases (portfolio lists the prime example)?

    ...and it took at least three people to write it FFS.