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Pet names for your bike(s)?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Lectre, Oct 5, 2006.

  1. There was a similar thread the other day, but it didn't cover pet names.
    I think there will be some hilarious pet names for peoples bikes ;)

    So the questions :- What is your bike's pet name, and does it have a "gender"?

    My CBR is "Jane" (Jane Honda) :p
  2. I just got mine and been trying to think of an awesome name without being too lame. Wanted something japanese or related to kawasaki but only came up with zaria which is kind of lame. My bike is zzr250, clearly female ;), so it should have a female name, however at the moment its a bit sexually ambiguous as I just call it kwaka, pronouncing it quakka as it totally has that traditional kawasaki duck engine noise :D

    Any suggestions for a traditional zzr name? hehe
  3. Just googled and found http://www.issendai.com/rpgs/japanese-girls-names.shtml

    Couldnt find any Japanese names begining with Z !!
  4. If I hade a fireblade, which I don't, I'd call it Zoro :rofl: Zoro the gay blade :p

    I call my bike the Beast, Baby, Betty and sometimes Bloody biatch :roll:
  5. my kwaka needs to grow a beard and be called zeze dropped.
    if i could spin the bike around in my film clip that would also be cool.

    *sings* she's got peee-eeegs, and yes i abuse them

    also is "ah you F*** slow C&*$ of a thing" a pet name??
  6. On a long ride on day, my Suzi GS500 once told me that when it grows up it wants to be a Hayabusa. So now I call her Baby 'Busa Now... :LOL:
  7. Mr buzzy. The petrol operated boyfreind.
  8. 'Sheila' (RvB fans will understand) or 'Girlfriend #2'.
  9. mine is referered to by me and OH as "the other fella" :LOL:
    he's just lucky that he has some bits that the bike hasnt.. yet :grin:
  10. If I had a zzr I'd call her Kazumi...

    It's in that list above... under kazu
  11. Her Highness Henrietta Hornet...

    you can call her Your Highness :)
  12. the CB250 is known as "The Cibby" or "TwoFiddy"

    The Hornet is known as the Hornbag for now - but it shall have a proper name when it's finished.

    I'm going with either "red devil" or "horny devil" at this stage
  13. On a dark and stormy night, I was riding to Inverloch in the pissing rain. Miles from anywhere, I suddenly hit the reserve tank. Begging, pleading, coaxing my bike thru the rain, I reached a petrol station just as the reserve ran dry. While at the servo, I got chatting with a girl called Kelly. After getting a phone number, I decided my bike had brought me luck. So I named her Kelly.
  14. :rofl: :grin:
  15. My gs500's name is Rocco. had a little maltese cross shitzu that we named "rocky" so it could be tough like other dogs...

    i want my little baby to have a tough name too ;)
  16. Called mine Melissa after a girl l know.

    l'm only riding one of them at the moment but hopefully soon both. :grin: :grin: :grin:
  17. I've jokingly called mine Ling Ling.

    I was out for a ride one day, and the wife told the kids I was out with the girlfriend (the bike).

    When I got home the kids, wanting to get me in on the joke, exitedly told me what their mum had told them, and wanted to know if it was true and what her name is.

    So I confessed to them, i was out with the girlfriend, and since she's japanese I told the kids her name is 'Ling Ling'.

    The kids loved it..
  18. A pet name? For my bike?

    Yeah, sure. Just like I have pet names for the fridge, the blender and the dishwasher.


    It's a machine. One I enjoy using, but still a machine. When you start giving your vehicles names, you're half-way to talking to them ("Come on, old girl - you can do it!"). Get that far and you've really lost the plot.
  19. Gromit that's as stupid as saying you don't yell at the Tv while watching The Price Is Right..... sheeesh
  20. Errr Gromit, this is the NUThouse - you're in the wrong place if you're going to be so sane about it all!

    Mine's called Erin. I talk to her and she talks back :tantrum: :? :LOL: