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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Jimi, Mar 22, 2005.

  1. Well hello to you all. I have just returned from a week over in the west (working unfortunately) and was astounded at the differences (this coming from a guy who only travels up the east coast and hasnt been overseas in 20 years). This is a little account of my findings...

    I was surprised at the amount of bikes over there, there are heaps! Also surprising was the fact that leathers are something that hasn't been introduced there yet, I think I saw 4 riders with leathers the whole time! :shock:

    The roads in Perth are nice, clean and road rage is something they wouldn't have to experience often (from what I saw). People hate the speed limit, everyone sits about 2 km UNDER the limit, which is possibly due to the billion speed cameras around. Cars always let me in too, I was only cut off once in 6 days of freeway driving.

    Finally, I was promoting the good word of Netrider over there, mentioning to several riders about this site. I also feel I may have tarnished the netrider name one evening :oops:

    I was having a "few" drinks with one of my clients and we decided a souvalaki was in order... walking down the street I saw a group of bikes pulled up in a car park along the beach and went to talk to them. One guy was on an immaculate Aprilla RSV (I think) and the other a BMW. The bloke with the Aprilla was nice enough to let me sit on his bike (not knowing how many drinks I had had) and as I was getting off... nudge... the bike begins to fall. Luckily I managed to pull it back over but I dont think I have ever seen anyone move so fast, this guy was over to his bike in a flash! Following that incident, I cannot believe the but with the beemer let me sit on that too! (he did come and stand next to the bike though. As soon as I got off it they both said they were in a hurry and took off!

    Overall I found Perth to have great bikes, great roads (and people on them) and great riders (the ones I met). They hate wearing protective gear on bikes and the amount of scooters there was unreal.

    I can't wait to get back there and go for a ride soon!
  2. It's a bit the same up in QLD, constant hot weather saps your will to protect your skin.

    There is only so many trips you can make to the shops returning swimming in your own sweat. Summer 'breathable' jackets are very popular up here for the safety conscious.

    Singlets and shorts are quite popular for many riders :roll: , especially blue collar workers on the commute.

    I don't take too many chances, rather wear draggins and a cordura jacket.

    Harley riders up here seem to be content with a leather singlet thing that would protect very little, but looks mean.

    I don't think that any rider is dumb enough to not understand what would happen to their skin if they fell off at 60kph (except maybe scooter riders? :p) but I think they are happy to take the risk in order not to pant like a dog on every trip.

    There is always a risk that someone might cut you off or run up the back of you, that is a risk you accept, you get on with riding - I think in hot climates the protective gear is a similar risk acceptance.
  3. Yeah, I noticed the lack of protective clothing when I was over there.

    Personally, I think that anybody that buys any 'bike' that travels faster than a bicycle and then fails to wear any protective clothing deserves all they get & I have no sympathy for those that are involved in an accident.

    Full protective clothing should be a requirement, applied in exactly the same way as helmets are. But that's just my opinion.

    As for the Perth roads? Too few corners for me, & waay too slippery in the wet.
  4. Gets hot down here in Melbourne (occasionally...:LOL:) I've been out in 35+ degrees but would only ever only consider it when fully covered. Admittedly, unlike Perth or Brisbane it's only one or two days at a time and I can put up with that.
  5. I'm actually in Perth right now - on holiday to visit my folks and friends over here (this is my home - I moved to Melbourne 4 yrs ago).

    Camelbak is THE rage here, and I agree about the leathers - with a summer spell were it rarely drops below 30, and regularly peaks past 40 (and even 45), leathers are just a liability for heatstroke and other troubles. Textile armourjacks are the way to go here in summer. Dririder gear is probably the opposite - it really only rains for 3 months of the year, so overjackets would be my recommendation.

    I'm hoping to rent a bike for a few days whilst here (I'll stand out - I packed my leather jacket...) and do the run down to Margaret River and back over a few days.

    but here - the run from Ocean Reef down to Freemantle - all along the coast the whole way, kicking back on a big cruiser, and just drifting along... my idea of paradise.