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Perth to London

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by middo, May 17, 2011.

  1. The misses and myself were drinking last night (I know...) and got to thinking about a trip from Perth to London, passing thru Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, China, Mongolia, Russia, Eastern Europe to London. Does anyone know if this has been done before? Are there any guides etc.

    It is probably a five-years-time trip and we expect to take about 6 months for it.
  2. Ewan McGregor and Charley Boreman did a trip from London around to New York- so they went through Eastern Europe, Mongolia and Russia. The Doco is called Long Way Round and it gives a really good indication of what you're in for.

    Sounds like an awesome trip! Are you going on your own bikes, or is your wife hopping on the back with you?
  3. Go to Adv rider many real people have done similar trips without the support vehicles those 2 actors had with them

    Tapatalking from somewhere, maybe even behind you so look out!!!
  4. That might be so, smee, but I still think having a look at “long way round” and “long way down”, followed by, “By any means” part 1 and part 2...

    you get to see the real dangers even if they are actors... I know one guy who’s been riding around the world for a few years now and he’s still going.. I’ll have to find his link and drop it in here for you if I can
  5. this is from our mate that we met up at kings canyon

    Dear friends,

    How are you?
    I'm still alive, still traveling after nearly 2 years on the road, and now in Paraguay where I'll head out into the 'Chaco' wilderness (Western Paraguay), to visit some Mennonite settlements. (Don't get too jealous: apparently the area is moskito-, tarantula- and rattlesnake-infested, and anything up to 45 degrees heat at the moment ;)

    When I left London back in May 2008 for my overland motorcycle-adventure from London to Australia, I had no idea of what I would experience on this journey...

    41022 miles, 2312 litres of petrol, 58 packs of pot noodles, 49 days of waiting for visas, 33 countries, dozens of police bribe attempts, 19 toilet rolls, 12 soap bars, 7 blank pages in my passport left, 3 broken rear suspensions, 1 set of shoe laces & endless encounters with fantastic and helpful people later, I'm surprised to find myself STILL travelling.

    Thanks to a little side income from photography, my travel-budget is still OK. And so I thought I'd try and continue my journey to hopefully complete the "round the world" trip, going from Australia to South America. During the last few days I finished updating my travel blog / photo-diary, which is now finally all up-to-date.

    Here's some of the updates I've been busy with:
    New panorama photo galleries: http://www.panomoto.com/Galleries/Panoramas/Panoramas.html
    My photo diary on FlickR: http://www.panomoto.com/photo-diary.html
    Photos from South America so far: http://www.flickr.com/photos/64308305@N00/collections/72157623388083302/
    About my carbon footprint: http://www.panomoto.com/route-motorcycle-co2-emissions.html
  6. Thanks for the feedback. I have seen "Long Way Round" (bought the DVD set with Long Way Down and Dakah), and it is some of the inspiration. I will check out the other resources mentioned.

    We would be riding our own bikes. The missus gets fed up with sitting on the back, and I don't like relinquishing the controls. We recently bought a set of Sena bluetooth intercoms, which give about 1km distance reception between the bikes (and let me listen to music when I want to). Touring got a lot more interesting when you can share what interests you as you ride past.

    Most of my riding is on a cruiser, and we would need new bikes, preferably something that parts are not too hard to find, and not too expensive. Brand new KTM's would be nice, but a pair of two or three year old bikes of the same model would be my thoughts. Any suggestions on that front?
  7. Going Postal - a book by a fella who roade a postie bike from Sydney to London along a similar route as you are planning. He also has a web site/blog.

    There's a thread on here somewhere....
  8. Talking with the producer (Russ) when he and Charley were here promoting it, he said they would probably have made it without the support vehicles.

    They mostly met up at the border crossings - they believed it was easier to get through as a film crew rather than individuals.
  9. And we know lots of people have done similar trips without support vehicles so it's not a big deal.
  10. Hey Middo,

    I just happened to have a look around the site and found this reference to my trip on the postie and happy to help out with any info if you need any.

    My trip sounds familiar to yours. I went from Darwin to East Timor, along Indo, to Malaysia, Thailand..

    That's where you have your first trouble. You can't pass a vehicle through Burma and to take one into China costs mega bucks, by that I mean many many thousands as you have to be escorted the whole way.

    That's why I and most others fly Bangkok to Kathmandu.

    From there I went down in to India, Pakistan, from there the intention was to head through Iran but as that place is increasingly tricky to get a visa for I did have to go up through Pakistan and into China for just a thousand kays before crossing into Kyrgyzstan. That little detour into china cost $2k, so it's not cheap.

    From there Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine etc.

    Life's a lot easier if you can get a visa for Iran, but word is the countries in the middle east and Asia are getting harder and harder to pass through. Pakistan is now being elusive with visas, the only hope is that China relaxes its stance on foreign vehicles entering the country - which will happen one day - allowing you to go from Thailand up and west across China then Mongolia etc, bypassing the rest of Asia completely.

    But anything's do-able, especially if you have some cash behind you.

    You certainly won't regret it.

    Try horizonsunlimited.com as well. That's the place most overlanders congregate online. Lots of useful information.

    Or anything you want to ask just message me on nathanmillward121 at hotmail.com