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Perth Squid city

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by awseome, Nov 4, 2008.

  1. man have been here for like 3 days and have seen it all, living in a backpacker on the main street i watch all these riders go by and i swear 80% have no protective gear whatsoever. it was hot on sunday so except for the cops all other riders were "lightly dressed". and its cool today but still lightly dressed or not many riders around. Back in melbourne its the opposite. can any perthian explain this phenomena while i put on my anti flame, anti radiation. anti biological warfare suit. :wink:

  2. heeeeeeeeeeere we go!
    its officially summer... squid threads :grin:
  3. Oh shit..............................................
  4. its just a research topic :grin:
  5. Unfortunately, it has been"researched"to death.
  6. Pfffff you only need gear if you're gunna fall off.
  7. ... AND you're not special and invincible like all us fully shick bros are. And even then you're just showing your weakness and lack of faith in your Top Gun skillz and Spiderman reflexes.

    Not to mention that your R1 can defy physics and if worst came to worst you could always leap OVER the car that you are tboning, sumersaulting midair and then sliding to a stop on the soles of your sandles...

    Oh, and...
  8. All while pulling out a cigarette, lighting it with the flames from the explosion behind you, and winking at the sheila across the street.....
  9. Gravity is less in Perth, so when you hit the deck, you hit much lighter than Melb.
  10. Perth is weighting the inside peg?
  12. :shock:

    I'm going to have to think about this one for a while. :eek:
  13. Shoulda seen the womens gear at the melbourne expo

    i guess leopard print undies will protect us from ... ???

    Where are those motorbike Thongs GreyBM was talking about -

    Gotta love summer.

  14. *Tries to clap with one hand :LOL:
  15. Cops in NSW ive seen riding with there blue short shirts only

    They should invent a mesh type jacket that lets all the wind in, like matrix on commando :LOL:
  16. The way they act you'd think they were invincible.

    Officer: You know how fast you were going back there?

    Victim: Bout as quick as you were officer!
  17. Why do people get worked up enough to want to post a thread on the net because some people dont wear full gear during a summer day?

    Maybe I should post some threads, saying.. dammm this dude was wearing full leathers on a 40c day, doesn't he know that it can be dangerous and he could dehydrate, fall off his bike and kill a school bus full off children.
  18. Why?

    Coz it's hot, there's balls-all traffic, and balls-all corners to stuff up on.

    And they're allowed to. So are you. But squidding is not recommended for those who are still early enough in their riding careers to whinge about squidding.
  19. I think you've hit on something there!
  20. bris is squid city too i noticed on the weekend when i was up there.

    i saw was a bloke in cargo shorts and work boots (complete with sock protectors for extra style) and a t-shirt and a backpack on with his jacket kinda threaded between his back and bag. lol some random trippers up there.

    best was the bloke in the pluggers (thongs for all you non-edumucated) on a gsxr600 LOL

    funny though... never noticed it when i lived up there! then again i didnt have a bike ;)