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Perth scooter rider meetings!

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Audible, Mar 2, 2006.

  1. Hello fellow scooter riders!

    As suggested by Duffman, I would like to let everybody know from Perth, about the big scooter day meets run by Scootamoto.
    This (afaik) is the fifth meeting they have held and numbers are expected to be well over 100 scoots, hoping for 150 this next meeting.

    In the past, riders meet at 9.00am at their nearest participating scooter shop. From there riders meet at another venue, Probably the como hotel at about 9.30 - 10.00 am (you can join in here too) and then onto another destination for a barby lunch and other fun stuff.
    Cost is about 5 bucks to cover the barby lunch.

    At the moment, the organisers are hoping to hold this meet every two months on the second or third sunday of the month during spring & summer.

    The next meeting is scheduled for the 19th of march 2006. Final destination is Whiteman park to join a huge classic car show there at the same time.
    The events are very well organized with back up cars, cordoned off parking area's for the group and park/venue permissions.

    For more information, Visit or call your closest Scootamoto store, http://www.scootamoto.com.au/ or post here and I'll see what I can find out for ya!

    Oh, btw, I am not associated with these stores in any way. I've just been on these rides before and they are a lot of fun and would love to see every scooter rider in town there! :p

  2. Thanks for that Audible, great work.

    i'll be there with bells on.

    its a pity scootamoto are notoriously slow at updating their website.

    i deal with Justin and Ange up at the Joondalup store and i'm going in early next week to get my SportCity serviced so i'll get on their backs about getting the word out, esp on the website.

    hey it would be good if we could (or someone else could) give out "Netrider" flyers or stickers or something. Might help boost the number of scooter riders logging on. I'd be happy to ride round with a big T-shirt over my jacket with netrider.net.au on it and a logo or something. just an idea anyway.
  3. Definitely ask them about that first before doing anything like that.

    Last I heard, scootamoto where still keen on starting their own scooter club/internet forum as they where gathering info/feedback at previous meets.
    Mount hawthorn is busy moving shop to right next door to rick gill motorcycles to make that section of main street motorcycle/scooter nirvana, now that rick gill has opened up his own scooter specialised shop there too. I'm keeping my own personal opinion of rick gill m/c right out of this!
    I heard that Honda didn't like them selling aprillia and other brands of scoots alongside the honda range!

    But anyway, lets get the scooter movement here in perth moving off in the right direction!
  4. Cue the wistfull remebering music...

    Ahhhh the Como Hotel. That place brings back some drunken hazy Uni memories.

    We didn't have heating in our share house, so we HAD to go to the Como were they had a roaring open fire and drink beer till we couldn't stand up.

    I am so going for a beer or two there when I am back in Perth next weekend. :twisted:
  5. Well, what a disaster the scooter meet turned out to be.

    The new store on main street was the muster point for this meet. All up I guesstimate 50-60 scooters turned up. A lot less than previous meets.
    From there we rode to Morley Galleria, then guildford road train station car park then onto white man park.
    The actual ride was great. No traffic snarls or mishaps and plenty of socialising and friendly conversation going on between young and old scooter riders. Just what it was all about.

    But it all fell apart when we reached whiteman park. At first we mustered at the entry car park. No problems. As we headed into the park, the group had trouble locating the reserved site for us. When that was found by the lead riders, the group headed in that direction, but where way layed by the park's parking attentants.
    Basically they told us that we where not welcome, that we should have contacted the park about organizing our ride at the park and to basically, wrack off. I heard this from two separate attentants, the other attentant told us that the parking here was for car show visitors only and also, to "go away".
    So, we parked where we could. Nobody knew if we had a reserved area or not. Somebody mentioned a show display where the organizers where, and a few of the riders went out on foot to try and find it, but I don't think anybody had any success. When I came back to where the group had parked about half an hour later, only 6 scoots where still parked and somebody told me that every body left.

    So the meet was basically stuffed. I still don't know if it was the fault of the scootamoto organizers or the wombats at the park. Shame really.

    Did any body for here go?

    Was that you duffman on the prorts city I saw?
  6. Hey Audi

    nah i dont think you would have seen me.

    i got called into work and was late leaving :( . so i misse3d the start but i raced out to whiteman park along the planned route but didnt catch up. then when i got to whiteman park everyone had gone! Bugger.

    a badly organised ride is worse than no ride at all if you ask me.

    dont know why/how it fell apart but the guys (Angie and Justin) who set-up Scootamoto originally couldnt be there as they went over east for work so perhaps without them there was no-one who knew what was happening. Thats might not be the case, but i suspect they let the organisation slip away when they realised they wouldnt be there.
  7. I have never seen angie & justin at any of these scooter meets. They always seem to be over east every time there is a meet on. Funny that.

    The main organizer afaik has been peter from the mount hawthorn/osborne park branch who tries his best, but I think with the added pressure of the store move, normal day to day sales/servicing and trying to organize this ride, something has come unstuck in a big way obviously.

    You know, to me, there is far that enough interest among the riders present to support a scooter club. Enough people I feel to support our own web site or a bigger/better presence at sites like this. Everybody was talking/asking about if this was a club/should be etc and communicating with other scooter riders via internet. I got the impression that a lot of these riders only have communication via the shops with other riders on these events.
    The future of these meets via scootamoto is probably in peril now. with so many peed off people over this last meet, and the pending wet season, could spell the end of these meets.
  8. Audible,
    that was also my concern re the meets future.
    i think it would be good to have a Perth Scooter club totally independent of scootamoto or any other shop for that matter. Sure the various shops could be approached for support but not as the sole source of information.

    Given that Netrider is already setup what about simply expanding the Perth “chapter” and getting the word out there a bit more? I think its best to get the numbers up BEFORE confirming coffee nights and other events because people may well get over it quickly if only a couple of people attend.

    Don’t know what the go is but maybe as I’ve said above and also suss out some good little rides and such. But as you said summer is coming to an end so perhaps now is not the ideal time to try to set these things up?
  9. Well, I don't want to step on any toes here amongst the bikers here on this site, but during the run when talking about the club/internet forum topic, I mentioned net riders and a few people already knew about this site from the advertised link in a previous scooter mag and where not too keen in being involved. One person admitted to lurking and didn't like what he read.
    BTW, everybody I spoke to knew about and most where buying the scooter magazine.
  10. yeah fair enough.

    the only problem i can see with conveying information via teh scooter mag is that its only a quarterly publication. But definitely if a club was setup the first step would be to get the word out and the scooter mag would be the obvious starting point.

    Unfortunately I don’t have enough free time to take on something like setting up a club at this stage. I would be up for some casual rides/meets like the people on this site organise in melb, but the problem is that not enough scooter riders from Perth visit netrider so the problem of getting the word out still remains.