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Perth riding?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Spots, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. What's it like in Perth/WA, bike-lifestyle-wise?

    I may be relocating to Perth workishly in the near future, you see. So, tell me about it!

    How does it compare to Victoria, with its mighty free parking, free tollroad use and abundance of crazy twisties? Do motorbikes present a great advantage over cars there as they do in Victoria? Or would I be better served by an entertaining and fun-to-drive car like my MR2? (Blasphemy!)

    Curious Spotseseses must know.

  2. Its rubbish over here, stay in Victoria......bloody aliens
  3. Unfortunately 'stay in Victoria' is the one option I don't have. Company wants to drag me over to Wollongong, but we've got other major offices in Brisvegas and Perth.

    I don't have to go home (to Newcastle) but I can't stay here. Heh.
  4. Ok, first we have climate, you have weather, we win big time on that one. Second, you have lots of twisties, we don't have as many, and we have to ride further to reach them, one for Victoria. In just about every other respect from a rider point of view Victoria is crap compared to Perth, except, and its a biggie, pavement parking. It's maybe coming, but I'm not holding my breath. Mind you, if you don't work right in the CBD, finding free parking is a non-event in Perth anyway. In all seriousness, I'm from 'Synney' originally, and nothing would drag me back east again. Lifestyle wise the only place that comes close is Queensland, and that has humidity and Queenslanders (but great bananas)
  5. Hey Spots,

    I did the same thing about a year ago. Here's what I've learned so far:

    * Lots of straight roads, twisties are a tad harder to come by
    * Much less need for wet weather gear. So many beautiful days over here
    * Lots more bikes on the road per capita
    * Traffic takes some getting used to. Not worse just different... Green lights mean take off in the next 10 seconds or so for example.
    * Parking is crap, no sidewalk parking :(. my bike does fit around some of the boom gates in the city highrise parking lots though :)

    My thoughts are stick with the bike. You get much better riding weather and straight roads are even more boring in a car.

  6. Yeah, I do miss the 'climate' thing, after growing up in Newcastle/Sydney and living 10 months in Mackay.
  7. Wollongong is better!

    The Nato park is just North of it, and then you have all the roads in the mountains to the South.

    If you want to go further afeild, Canberra has a stack of roads, then you have North Sydney and the Central cost. :p
  8. I've heard Perth has v. hot girls :grin:

    But I've never been, personally :(

  9. Yes, all the girls are hot. I personally guarantee it.

    *note - not a guarantee
  10. Crumpetman is right on with the "10 seconds to take off from lights" thing. People in Perth DO NOT pay attention whilst driving. It doesnt matter if your riding a bike or driving a truck - Perth drivers WILL NOT see you because they simply dont look.

    You will want to have a bike over here because public transport is shocking unless you live within walking distance of a train station which is unlikely because of the stupid placement of our train lines.

    There is limited twisty riding in the Perth "hills" just east of the city but it will be very average for you coming from over east. Twisty roads here really do need a weekend trip down south where you'll find some of the best motorcycling roads in the country.

    Everything is further apart in Perth thus commuting really is a way of life for everything. In WA, you live in the suburbs and work in the city. We are used to being able to drive everywhere and park right at the door. Now that traffic is starting to get bad, it is a huge culture shock for people to come to terms with paying for parking and using public transport.

    My personal advise is that if your working in the city, look for an apartment/townhouse.house in places like Subiaco or Northbridge, or East Perth, where you will be close to the city so traffic wont be an issue.

    Oh and you'll have to get used to the fact that there is NOTHING in the CBD apart from some shopping and work. The CBD doesnt get used like it does in Melbourne or Sydney (or anywhere in the world for that matter) and come 6.30pm tumbleweeds regularly blow down the CBD streets.
  11. If you were to get an MR2 or similar, you'd lose your license very quickly in Perth. The police are ruthless with japanese sports cars, and speed cameras are everywhere. However, speed cameras in Perth don't work with bikes (they point in the wrong direction), and the police don't seem bothered by lane splitting etc unless you're being stupid.

    It's quite tricky to find parking in the CBD, but West Perth and Subiaco have plenty of dedicated bike bays. Outside my office is a 5-bay motorbike parking spot, and I take the same bay every day, as does the vespa rider in the office next door.
  12. Having lived in 3 states now without a single traffic infringement of any kind assigned to my black, angular stealthfighter^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H MR2, I don't know if I'd lose my license in Perth that quickly unless something's wildly different. :)

    I've heard that they're trialling cameras which can be aimed at the rear of vehicles now too?
  13. Keep the bike.

    There are some good/moderate twisties in the Darling Ranges to the east -- up to places like Toodyay, or to Dwellingup and through the forest there. (Dwellingup's a very bike-friendly town, too.) Or around the dams circuit. The Chittering Valley wine trail. They're all just a day-ride.

    Not much going north, unfortunately.

    South is brilliant, but you really do need an overnighter to enjoy it to the max.

    Cops are no worse than anywhere else, unless you actually break the law. And yes, they are experimenting with "backward"-looking cameras that will pick up your bike's plate.

    The coppers are "ruthless with Japanese sports cars"??? Only if they're grey-imported, kitted, dropped, chipped, twin-turboed, doof-doofed, fully-sick wanktanks with 44-gallon chromed exhaust pipes .......... :wink:
  14. Beware.

    Some of the speed cameras here CAN catch bikes and have been able to for 18 months or so. I got nailed by a rear plate camera last year. My first demerit point EVER, anywhere, for anything, which was bloody annoying.

    The flash of a Multanova is no longer the trivial matter it once was, but a cause for serious “how fast was I going?â€, “has it got me?â€, “when can I relax and assume I got away with it?†type questions.

    Still, it’s better than having to put a front plate on my bike at my own expense which was the WA authorities’ preferred option. And may still be for all I know.

    And if you want a good laugh, you should see some of the (very expensive, taxpayer funded) reports that that particular turkey was based on.
  15. Yeah - Though 'we' as motorcyclists shouldn't be exploiting the lack of front license plate anyway, regardless of which state we live in.

    It's comforting to not have to stare intently at the speedo to make sure you're not 0.001kph over the speed limit whenever a front-facing camera is nearby, but deliberately flaunting the "immunity" is just asking for the privilege to be taken away.
  16. Which, of course, is what's happened.

    Having argued (professionally) for the rear cameras rather than front plates, I can't complain too loudly. One or the other was inevitable and at least, this way, we don't all have to pay to cover up some idiot's wrong decision 15 years ago to go with front photo cameras.

    It was nice while it lasted though :) .
  17. My ex-housemate and his friends drove cars like that. So yeah, that's why I considered them ruthless. Point taken.
  18. oh one other minor thing....

    the media and everyone hates motorbike riders. We all **** old ladies and rob banks.
  19. You actually have to do both to qualify for a WA riding licence. And you thought the slow riding bit of the test was tough.
  20. Well benefits of Perth: much wider roads (lane splitting), less traffic, less speed cameras (and they never used to be able to get bikes), lower fines, lower rego (I think..). Warmer in winter. Spring and Autumn have great weather. No tram lines to slip on.

    Disadvantages: Though it rains less often, when it does, it pours. Not like Melbourne where it usually just drizzles. It can get horribly hot in summer (not good in protective gear). There aren't great riding roads like Melbourne (no mountains). Car drivers are pretty clueless - though Victorians aren't too good either. Parking isn't free in the city.

    I commuted for about 13 years in Perth. Commuting wise it is probably better. I felt a lot more relaxed than I do in Melbourne. But if you want to go and have some fun, then Melbourne is better (nothing like the Black Spur in Perth).