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Perth/Midland test waiting times?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by helent, Sep 5, 2006.

  1. Hi all

    Does anybody know what the current test waiting times are? I know I remember reading a while back they were pretty long, although maybe not so bad in Midland? I plan on doing it in Midland anyway.

    But not sure if I am getting ahead of myself here. I have had only one lesson out on the road, but it went OK (am riding near home on the weekends too, but not much traffic! and have had umpteen car park lessons). I have still got to get really comfortable with the U-turn (doing it on wide roads at the moment). But I don't want to wait say another 3 months until I am happy with it all, put in for my test, and then find I have to wait another 3 months.

    If I ring them, can they tell me what the current waiting times are?
  2. I know there is almost 2 months wait here in Rockingham. I am trying to get an ealier time for assesment for my open class
  3. 2-3 months if you are lucky :(

    If you are ready and can get your bike there beforehand though there are always cancellations within the week, thats how I got mine. Kept calling till I got a cancellation
  4. I got a test date but it wasnt good for my instructor so had to cancel it.

    I said to them you make a time date and I will make myself available even if I have to take a day of work.

    Then I will have the problem of deciding what bike to buy and get rid of this great 250
  5. yeah - thanks, pretty much what I thought. Maybe I will wait a few more weeks, try and get some good riding in and then think about putting in for it.
  6. hey helen

    yeah my experience was the same as the other guys - about 3 month wait.

    If i were you i'd book it now. Then you have a date to work towards and at least you know your booked in. YOu can always change the date later on if your not ready. You will want to try and get a test booked pretty soon otherwise the wait will push out into summer holiday type time and then the test centres just get super crazy.

    good luck.
  7. Sometimes it's not so bad, when I booked mine (coming up for the 14th [-o<) it was about a month and a half which isn't bad... give them a call on 13 11 56 and the operators are generally pretty happy to help you find the next available test date. You wouldn't go anywhere but midland for the test? I think they had better availability than anywhere else but you might be lucky and get a cancellation elsewhere.
  8. Thanks Duffman - yes, 3 months is a long time...... I'm not sure what to do now. I have had only 1 lesson on the road with my instructor (last week). He has gone on holiday, and for some reason (I didn't realise the dates at the time) my next lesson isn't until the 21st September - which again is a helluva long time to wait in between lessons :( . I sort of wanted to wait and talk to him to see what he thought, but that's another 2 weeks away. and by then, it is near the end of September, so that means test date near the end of December?

    I just don't want to put in for it and then have my instructor laugh at me when I tell him :LOL: .

    I still have quite a few things I know I need to improve on - the u-turn, slow control in general, going around small roundabouts (which I feel I am doing too slowly at the moment) - ummmm, I think that is about it :grin: .

    Mind you, I went for my longest ride yet last night - down the gt northern highway into Midland and back, to get to the dealers cos my bike had to go back in at the weekend (slight problem with the choke, all sorted now) so I went to pick it up on the loan bike. It was windy as all hell last night, with road trains everywhere, but I did OK. And came back in the dark (first time at night), still very windy. So my confidence is getting up, maybe I should put in for it now. If I can get my u-turn going better then I definitely will put in for it.
  9. I tried giving them a call yesterday, but he wasn't too helpful, although he did indicate it might be two to three months wait. I didn't want to put in for it and then get an earlier date than expected, and then not be ready! So you were able to find out the next available test date before hand? That's pretty good. Maybe I will call again.......

    And good luck for the 14th, although I'm sure you won't need it!

    Are you doing it on the GPX? How's your u-turns going on it?
  10. My brother in law phoned up about a week ago and was offered a slot the next day- though i think that was in Morley....

    I wasnt too fussed about where my test was booked - though i heard Morley will make you do your slow-Us on a hill and the testing officer at Joondalup will fail you purely on principle so you don't get cocky
    (looks at Taint)
    Though i reckon the guy who told me that was tryin to scare me, cause thats highly unprofessional if it happens- and word would soon leak out, getting the bloke in trouble.

    btw, yes, im booked in Joondalup on the 26th.

    Midland always seems to have a huge waiting list.

  11. Well the girls I've spoken to have been pretty helpful, mind you if you don't book there's a good chance you'll lose it... but as long as you call more than 48 business hours beforehand to reschedule it later there's no penalty.

    Thanks, I hope I go ok, i'm quietly confident at this stage :) Love the GPX, i'll be doing the test on the instructors CB250 though... I'm getting full-lock turns for my slow speed stuff so I'm happy with that :)
  12. I have to say the guys at Midland and Welshpool are really good.

    I failed the test in Joondalup because I did a rolling stoppie :) , that was my own fault for not setting up correctly.

    I heard that he was an arsehole and failed people from an instructor (not mine) that I was talking to while waiting for my test.
  13. forgive my ignorance, but what's a rolling stoppie :?