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[PERTH] Major crash

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Duffman, May 11, 2006.

  1. Heard cop cars screaming past the office today around 3.45, thought nothing more of it. 4.15 left the office and started heading home, less than 2 km from work intersection of Curtin Ave and Victoria St in Cottesloe (right opposite Victoria St train station) there was a rider down. Looked very, very nasty.

    Its a T intersection, well known for trouble. Curtin Ave is extremely busy in peak hr and there are always people trying to turn right out of Victoria St across the traffic. Almost every day i see a near miss from some idiot who gets impatient waiting and just barges their way in.

    Anyway, 2 ambo's there, 3 cop cars, 2 fire trucks. Really didnt look good. Car has obviously pulled out to trun right into Curtin Ave and hasn't seen the rider coming straight for em. Rider has hit around drivers side door and left a pretty big dent. Actually major crunch. Bike looked totally stuffed, front wheel come clean off.

    Now i know this intersection, i go through it twice every day, so i know about it and i "set up" every time i am there. For as long as i can remember local residents have been asking for traffic lights to be installed there. What more has to happen before something is done?

    Not many Netriders from Perth, but i hope he's OK. I hate to say it but keep an eye out in the news cause there could well be another bike fatality :shock:
  2. That area is terrible, i am glad i dont have to deal with it all the time with major traffic.