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Perth learner & newbie

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by cecetales, Dec 23, 2013.

  1. Hey, hi, how are ya?

    I've said since I was little that I wanted a motorbike, but I never ended up getting my license, ha. That and I'm tiny, people never were supportive. But hey, stuff 'people'! Time to get onto getting my R-E!

    Actually, right now I'm looking at getting a scooter, but with all my enthusiasm I'm not sure I'll get very far as I've no one to practise with.. so I guess I'm just exploring riding in Perth in general right now.

    I'm so gutted Perth is so much less active than most other Aussie cities! I've wanted to move to Melbourne as it is, just more motivation to make that a reality I guess. Until then, hello Perth~

    My mother incurred brain damage falling off a bike riding pillion before I was born. Poor mum.. Well, at least I'll learn from her mistake and do my research! Can't rely on familial support though because of it. I guess that's where communities come in, eh? :)
  2. Welcome to NR !
  3. Hello and welcome :)