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Perth girl moving to melb! Dont wanna ride alone

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by cowgirl, Sep 24, 2006.

  1. Hey everyone! was looking for a bike forum over on the east coast cos i plan to move there next year and it would suck to have no one to ride with!

    im living in perth atm and im currently riding a cbr250rr, except its off the road atm cos it got stolen a few weeks back. so i have been reduced to being a pillion biatch!

    hope to be back on the roads again and i hope i can meet some people from the east coast!
  2. Welcome......theres always someone looking for a ride on the weekends....
  3. Yes , you'll find most guys are always looking for a ride wherever they can get it...
  4. Anyone, much less a lady, who can't get a coffee or a few Netriders together on any night of the week in Melbourne, is not trying hard enough... I predict a flood of offers :LOL:
  5. I was thinking the title implies that you are riding over? is that true? or is it that you need buddies here in Melb?

    Well there is a plethora (a word i dont get to use nearly enough) of people here that will want to ride with you...
    The part about getting here in the first place is interesting though... Maybe I'll buy my upgrade in WA and ride it across :LOL:

    But welcome anyway...

  6. sexist :roll:
  7. Yeh but she's right :wink: But NOT all guys! No matter how good the 'sin' is. :LOL:
  8. welcome,
    how do you think you will cope with the language barrier?


    kidding, kidding!!

    im dead
  9. :rofl::rofl:

    You won't be on any lonely rides over here, Cowgirl :)
  10. Naive :roll:
  11. bike+girl+not wanting to be alone, hmmmmm im suprised this thread isnt on its 9th page by now :p

    where abouts are you planning to move to? city? west/east/north? (dont go south there all a bit fish there)
  12. lol nice 1 Johnny O. :LOL:
  13. just give it 1 more day, when people get back to the office where most people seem to do the least amount of work and spend there day on here.
  14. I love Perth girls...:grin:
  15. Only if they find something worth riding. :wink:

    You'll be fine cowgirl. Netriders are easy to find around here. :)
  16. Man hater :roll:

    Feminist? :LOL:
  17. Wait, no, take my advice - Perth is better, stay there!!! :p I can't talk - I did the same thing around 5yrs ago (although I do miss Perth greatly).

    Welcome to the Asylum.
  18. welcome to the mad house, where abouts are you moving too? i'm sorta east coastish
  19. thats a great! riding here is a little harder - more cars less roads unlike in perth where the roads are like freeways. Where in perth are you?