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Personality and Internet Use

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Bravus, Oct 10, 2013.

  1. TheBoss, aka Mrs Bravus, aka Suzie, has a small favour to request.

    The survey is a Word document, available at the link below, and you should complete it as a Word doc, save and email to her.


    Thanks very much indeed to everyone who can take the 5 minutes or so it will take. It's all radio buttons, with I think only one word to type in, so it's very quick.

    Personally, I'd have used Survey Monkey, but her lecturer has the notion that this method makes it more ethical...

    Can I suggest you add two random letters and numbers to the end of the filename when you save it? Like 'PersonalitySurveySueXG28' or whatever. I'm not sure she's thought this through, but she's likely to (hopefully) end up with many copies, and if they have identical filenames that could be annoying.

    That email address again: sgeelan at gmail dot com
  2. Will do. However, in the copy I downloaded there is no ranking for the "How often do you use..." questions. Also, the dependancies for the radio buttons for a few if the "True/False" questions are incorrect, making certain combinations of answers impossible to enter.
  3. Thanks all who have completed it - and yeah, apologies for the poorly-adapted tech solution.

    As one respondent noted, it's also not especially anonymous if you email the results in.

    One more reason the lecturer is a goose.

    She Who Must Be Obeyed wants it to be known that each survey will be printed out and the email deleted, and the pile shuffled. There will be no way the researchers will have *any* identity information about respondents when entering and analysing the data.

  4. suggestion she use it as a google docs or go to surveymonkey and conduct the survey there instead, saves us emailing her and her opening up countless documents.

  5. Surely everyone has multiple email address using false aliases for these types of things......?

    I know I do.
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  6. Totes my suggestions, but her lecturer in the course seems to think this is more anonymous and more ethical. It's not (I served a couple of years on a research ethics board), it's *less* ethical (from a loss-of-anonymity perspective) and also a massive PITA and damages the data because the tech breaks all over the place (and excludes those who don't pay the Micro$haft Tax). Unfortunately, lecturers are pretty much absolute dictators when it comes to what you can do for assessment in their courses, so my beloved is stuck with this very sub-optimal approach.
  7. I tried.

    Doesn't seem to work with Open Office. :(
  8. Did mine in a VM running under Slackware with a copy of Office from ... alternative sources. No tax paid on products not worth paying for. ;)
  9. I tried it first in LibreOffice (almost the same thing) and concur, the document is typical broken M$ code.
  10. I used LibreOffice as I run nothing MS. (Ubuntu Linux) I just cut and paste my answers. Hope they were intelligible.
  11. Thanks so much, all. FWIW I posted this on 3 forums and Netrider has comprehensively kicked the arsches of the other 2 in terms of participation.

    Well done.