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Personalised Plates?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by lowercase, Jan 3, 2008.

  1. Looking at getting some personalised plates...

    Thinking along the lines of


    might be more to come??

    EDIT: Lengthening list...

  2. Im always last so I was looking at

    W84ME, :LOL:
  3. That's a good one!! :p Good for me... lol

    *adds to list* joke :) You saw it first!
    You're slow too huh?
  4. Ya I'm going to get something semi personalized. And when I saw semi, it means I'm going the dontwanttopay500ayearforsomeletters approach.

    So still having 2/3 letters and 3/2 numbers, but personalizing those.. as it only costs $40-50

    10 guesses what I'm going to get :wink:
  5. get sxy 01 ;)
  6. $180 for up to five letters
  7. I deliberately asked the RTA for their most generic, boring and not-easily-remembered number plate :grin:
  8. FARKU..???? :LOL:
  9. They've banned the decent naughty ones :(

    Yeah I forgot its 180 for bikes, alot more for cars I believe.
  10. I really wanted to get KMKZE. And then I did. And then I felt like an idiot for a number of reasons and canceled it. :oops:
    I still think it's great, but just not for me.
  11. You'll just have to look for new naughty words they might not know yet, or ones in a language other than English ;).
  12. what....???
    they banned

    WANKR ??? :p
  13. Read this outloud.... IB6-UB9 :grin:
  14. This is a very rarely tapped resource with bikes! I found so many to put on the R6 it was crazy. But i went with my initials and YOB, and they only cost me $60 a year on top of my rego.

    I like making plates on the RTA site though, can come up with some great combo's :LOL:
  15. No :( When I rang up they said some guy called smitty had already got them :LOL:
  16. Make sure you choose the best one & let me know before you
    do anything so I can purchase it on-line straight away


    or FARQ thefinger47_ZP14EV.

  17. Less idiots ride bikes? :LOL:

    I saw a great one the other day. It was OOOQOO. I was following the bloke along the highway for near on 20 minutes and the whole time I though it was OOOOOO. Now imagine some do-gooder trying to report your bike/car....

    Chuck in a zero or two and maybe another Q, and it'd turn into a pain in the arse to read/remember.
  18. Get a bit o liquid paper & make the Q another O :grin:
  19. Hey MG can I use liquid paper on my screen to fix typo errors on my posts????

    Will :wink: