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Personal training study options

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Roaster, Mar 10, 2011.

  1. I'm looking into getting my Cert III and Cert IV in fitness. I'm currently teaching university taekwondo and am looking to upskill a bit - maybe even get a few clients on the side for some beer money.

    I'm looking at study options. Tafe seems doable and affordable, but it looks like it takes a very long time. Studying at the FIA (fitness institute of australia) looks an attractive option - a bit exxy but cheaper than other options, and the 30 hours of face to face time is compressed into 2 hour sessions 3 times per week. I imagine the study load will be high but I'll be able to knock it over fairly quickly.

    Some people have said that TAFE graduates are regarded more highly, but to be honest I'm not really in this to graduate and get a job (have full time professional work already) and am looking at this more in terms of personal interest / extra pocket money. I've done a part time masters while working full time, and to be honest I'd rather knock it over nice and quick than drag it out for 2 years.

    But before I invest the cash into FIA or the time into TAFE, does anyone have any thoughts on:

    - the reputation of FIA?
    - the quality of study there vs TAFE?
    - good places in sydney to study part time in the evenings?

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  3. I'm doing Cert III and IV with ACSD and you can work through the certs at your own pace. They allow a year to do each cert but you can do it as quickly or as slowly as you like within that year.

    Stay away from the AIF. If you want a qualification quick and prepared to spend big dollars ($5000+) for it then by all means go for it. If you actually want to learn something, stay away from them. They are not as good as they make themselves out to be. In fact, if you have any knowledge of health, fitness and nutrition you will probably be disgraced at what they try and teach you. If you're a complete noob in the industry, you might learn something but whether or not it's actually correct is another thing.
  4. Do you mean AIF as a separate institution to FIA? There seem to be a number of different institutes / institutions with various combinations of "fitness", "institute", and "australia"
  5. I considered doing internet only but as a relative noob I thought I'd sink the extra cash to get classroom based learning.

    The Australian institute of personal trainers has a similar cost (about $3.5k for 60 hour class contact time).
  6. AIF - Australia Institute of Fitness.

    I've spoken to two people about it (one of them a good mate) - both with previous experience in the fitness industry and they've both recommended to stay right away from the AIF unless you are real noob looking for a quick and easy qualification. They actually recommended TAFE or the ACSD. My mate mentioned he had heard good things about the FIA but couldn't provide any other feedback other then that it's supposed to be really good as well.
  7. Anyone know anything about the AIPT?

    The only thing I know is that the girl on the front page is a bit of a minx.