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Personal Injury Legal Advice specifically for Riders

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by Mouth, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. A new entry has been added to the left hand site navigation for Legal Advice.

    Maurice Blackburn have been assisting riders for many years, most recently getting strongly involved in the SMIDSY campaign and raising funding, via SMIDSY t-shirt sales, for grass roots funding for motorcycle safety. They have a dedicated team that is trained and understanding of the issues and vulnerability affecting riders.

    Check out the link for further information and details.
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  2. noticed that the other day and thankyou to maurice blackburn for both their help and continuing effort's to support the motorcycle riding community.
  3. Link isn't working :(
  4. Fixed it in the post. But the one in the left nav worked fine.
  5. I might be looking at getting myself a brief in the not too distant future, bloody TAC sent me the paperwork for disability payout.....

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  6. Be careful. The TAC will screw you if they can. I had a treated pine log go through my windscreen. The log just missed my head. I had to go to hospital to remove glass from my ear. The hospital wouldn't accept medicare because they said it was a car accident. So I had to call TAC and fill out a claim.
    Later they called me back for clarification about my claim.
    They later told me because I could not identify where the log came from, it was not regarded as their problem.
    So I had to fork out $100 to pay the hospital. I am glad it was only a $100
  7. One of the many benefits of being a Bicycle Network Victoria member is having peace of mind every time you ride. Feel confident you and your family will be well looked after with personal injury and third party liability insurance.
  8. is this spam? or just a pisstake?
  9. So if I move to Vic and install pedals on the V-Star, will they take me?
  10. if i ever need a lawyer.
    will hire the one that got cupcake of.
  11. Can you set it up the same way Ask Police was set up, except multiple Maurice Blackburn lawyers can chip in? :)
  12. I am in a claim right now.
    Do yourself a favour and get a good lawyer. I used a no win no pay. Absolute gutter snakes, schizters really.
    I told them to F off and dropped the case. They are hassling me like mad to continue. Almost on the point of threatening me.
    I am still in pain over a year later, and still receiving treatment, so I have to continue with it.
    Will see how their work ethic and attitude change when my father the honorable gives heads up letter