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NSW Personal injury insurance recommendations?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Voz, May 7, 2012.

  1. If I wanted to look at covering myself for injuries whilst riding, or anything else for that matter, to cover medical, income, etc does anyone have any recommendations?

  2. Private health insurance? Myself im with medibank.

    Suncorp was the only one willing to insure me on the income protection front after they were told i rode a bike. Have to be honest about everything, or it gives an excuse to not pay you later.
  3. if you have super have a look at that. some include it and some offer it as an option
  4. also check out your insurance company when obtaining a CTP (NSW) as some have 'At fault' clauses. This is what the MCIS is used for, which is part of your green slip.

    This came in on the 1st May 2010.
  5. I suggest you speak with an insurance broker or adviser. There are many companies they can access who will provide income protection/personal accident & sickness policies for you even though you ride a bike.

    Insurance in Super - Make sure you discuss this with an adviser, if you don't understand the rules and regulations surrounding it. It can be quite complex and it's not as simple as "hey, I don't think about my super money and the fund provides cover so it's good enough for me". For some people it's suitable and for some it's not, and it depends on which policies you put through super.

    PM me if you would like me to recommend an adviser for you.
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  6. All the income protection insurers I've looked at don't care if you ride a bike for transport. They do care about motor sport so you have to disclose if you go to the track.

    Anyway, I settled on
    a) no health insurance. The reason is that in urgent cases public and private patients get the same treatment by the same specialists, so there is no difference in treatment for being insured. Only privately insured patients get charged shiploads more for it, and end up getting stung with a gap above what the insurance covers.

    b) top notch income protection insurance with benefit to age 65. This is not cheap but IMO worth it because you get your payout immediately from your own insurer, rather than pissing around with government agencies and arguing about liability.
  7. Do you have a health care card? If not I would strongly advise getting basic private health cover, especially considering you ride.

    Ever wondered how much a Westpac flight would cost you if you come off your bike out in the middle of no where? That's where private health can be worthwhile.
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    Sorry, I should have made that clearer - we have private extras cover and ambulance cover. It's just the private hospital cover that doesn't provide any benefit over the public hospital cover to justify the cost.

    You got me curious so I checked ...
    the westpac helicopter is a free service.

    Ambulance cover is certainly worth it:
    The person treated by paramedics (ie the patient) is responsible for paying any fees associated with their treatment and/or transport, regardless of whether or not they were the individual who requested an ambulance.
  9. My apologies. My daughter had to have two trips in the NSW Air Ambulance (fixed wing) and we received the bill. We had insurance though. I assumed westpac was the same.

    Learn something every day hey. Ambulance cover is worth it.
  10. I have health insurance. After I wrecked my shoulder I was in surgery a week after seeing the specialist, a total of 1 month after the accident. (Seeing the GP a few times and X-rays & ultrasound took up a few weeks). My brother in law doesn't. He did his shoulder at Xmas and still hasn't even got to see a specialist. You may get the same treatment eventually but it can take a while.
  11. Income protection insurance is tax deductible
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  12. i wanna ask you that what really brokers are honest with their costumers ..
  13. We have a special accident & illness policy for people with active lifestyles, motorcycling, commuting, track days and training days all fall under that.