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Personal carbon credits in our futures?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by waedwe, Nov 4, 2010.

  1. I Read this opinion piece in todays paper and had never heard of this voluntary trial before. if it ever becomes more than that, viva la revolution


  2. Scary stuff, isn't it?
  3. All our food is brought in from overseas these days anyway...
    Wonder if people who commute to work get special recompense...
    How about a real public transport system...
    I didnt use that much electricity - lower then the last 5 bills running, and yet it cost me twice as much as this time last year, $600...
    Egger is a moron...
  4. Further thought... why dont they decide on one medium... money or carbon credits... same shit different name?

    Even though they say you would get a bill at the end of the year if you use too many... (sounds like another tax hike excuse to me), it reads like this:
    Loads of carbon credits and no money = cant buy anything.
    No carbon credits and loads of money = cant buy anything.
  5. nup, you can buy carbon credits

    Anyway, I claim shotgun for the new black market.
  6. Yes, I consider the fact that Andrew Bolt is regarded as a respectable journalist, thinker and opinion former to be utterly terrifying.

    It is a Bolta piece isn't it?
  7. No .... all our processed food is brought in from overseas. Fresh food is still local.... mostly.
  8. ALL of our processed food is sourced from overseas? What about dairy products? Do they count as processed? Icecream, chocolate, frozen foods (such as chips, fish fingers, McCains meals and so on)?
  9. Fruits and vegies are flooded by overseas imports too. Including the types we grow locally, not just the more exotic stuff.
  10. Agenda 21 in motion.
  11. If you buy seasonally, then you avoid that to a degree. None of the fruit and veg I buy (and I do mean none) comes from overseas. I am a very careful shopper.

    The processed stuff in my pantry however, is another story.
  12. Dairy doesn't really count as processed and it is done locally, but good luck finding an Australian owned company anymore. Parmalat and Fonterra dominate the market ownership and are both foreign owned.

    Frozen foods - only Birdseye (as far as I am aware) still process in Australia. McCains have moved all their frozen food processing to New Zealand.

    Chocolate - Cadbury still manufacture locally but obviously we do not grow cacao in Australia, so that is imported.
  13. Cut carbon emissions my ass...they just trade the carbon credits with each other meaning the same amount of carbon as a WHOLE is still being emitted.

    Lets say I use an odd 50 carbon credits out of the possible 100...the person next door uses 150 credits out of 100. The person next door will end up buying the 50 credits off me and in the end...combined will be using 200 in total...just means I get money and the person next door doesn't. Global warming = another excuse for tax hike.

    Better off making everyone ride a motorbike and reduce CO2 out of engines or as mentioned above...fix the public transport system.
  14. G'day everyone,....

    I wanna see everyone stand up and refuse to participate in the system,.......
    That will deflate this guys ego,....

    Dr Who?