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Perscription Glasses and Helmets

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by davway, Aug 24, 2007.

  1. ok, so i have perscription glasses and i need to buy a Helmet.
    i used to have a flip up helmet when i had the BMW a few years ago and it was perfect. easy to put on, easy to take off. no need to remove glasses or anything like that.
    well, i stupidly gave that helmet away when i stupidly sold the BMW (those of you with YOUTH that think you know everything - think again) and im damned if i can remember the brand of the helmet.
    anyway, with a limited budget and a time frame that i need to buy a helmet again that will accomodate my situation.
    to me a flip up is the only choice. i have tried many full face helmets that you pull over your head only to have glasses mashed into my face or the side of my head.
    i only need cheap right now (i know, you get what you pay for) as i am trying to provide for 2 people here. i have recently bought a 250 so my partner and I can both get our L's and P's on. we didnt realise that for our L's you need to provide YOUR own helmet, gloves and jacket. pretty big ask considering the price of the course to get your L's (but really you should have this equipment if you intend to ride any, i understand that - lack of research on my part).
    so i need to do some research quick smart on ALL brands of helmet that have Flip Up as an option.
    while im thinking $600+ is the option to be looking at, i cant stretch the budget past $300 this time.
    all im asking for is a list of helmets with the flip up option.

  2. I have a shoei and a hjc helmet which i can wear with glasses no problem. I choose to wear contact lenses though as i find the glasses slip down my nose. The way you are describing this is like you are putting your glasses on first, then the helmet.. :?
  3. Nolan is the only flip up helmets i have seen.
    Its weird that gear is provided for ur L's. Where r u doing it??
  4. +1 but i need to get the contacts, my glasses slip down my beak too.
  5. Only problem with contacts is cant leave visor open, they dry out too much.. :grin:
  6. I always ride with it down anyway, but good to know.
  7. you pair could just get someone to shape your snotters up a bit - like mine, my glasses cant move past the kink :LOL:
  8. here is RiDE mag review on helmets, i used to have a copy of one where they looked at glases and helmets but it's gone now.


    the new BMW helmet is 2nd on this list. i'm thinking of getting a Schuberth S1 for my next helmet. Schuberth make helmets for BMW. when i was touring the Euro alps i found most people where wearing Schuberth helmets and could not stop raving about them.

    also if you are in brisbane DONT go to morgan and wacker to get one, the staff make up stories about the quality of the Schuberth helmets.
  9. also look at


    i'm trying to find out if there is aly one that sells schuberth in australia other than BMW. if you are interested i'll let you know.
  10. I have multifocal glasses that I only take off when I sleep...

    For a helmet I use a Zeus 508Ws Flip Front in black. That way I leave my glasses on when I put my helmet on.

    I also leave my helmet on when I go into to the bank. For some strange reason they don't want to serve me. Strange... :-k
  11. bulls**t. did mine at hart and used their gear
  12. I wear a Shoei Full Faced helmet and have glasses...

    I take glasses off
    Put helmet on
    Put glasses on


    take glasses off
    Take helmet off
    Put glasses on

    no problems....
  13. hang on, woah back.
    i dont get it.
    explain slower.

  14. bullshit nothing.
    TAFE holds the courses here in Warrnambool and you have to bring your own gear. they supply the bikes only.
    ill give you their phone number if you want to check for yourself.
  15. maybe you should come up to melb for a weekend and do it?
  16. +1
    But it is a pain in the arse, and what annoys me is the dropping down my nose withing 200m of taking off. During winter, the biggest problem is not only dealing with visor fogging, but the glasses fog as fast, then it gets interesting trying to see where the hell you are going for 10 secs.
  17. Joel, my head is already bad enough thanks mate.. :LOL:
  18. Thats pretty harsh.. Maybe a trip to Melbourne for a weekend is on the cards..
  19. probably should have said thats disgusting rather than bulls**t
    failed subtlety 101
    but if you did come up you could cruise the shops and probably get your gear cheaper.
  20. true, but im already booked in for the 9th september and i have work the next day as well.
    i might ring them again on monday and ask the "what if" scenario.
    id rather not buy an el cheapo helmet just because im forced to buy a helmet before the 9th, only to have to go out and spend even more cash on a decent helmet later on. that money originally could have gone into decent equipment to start with.