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Permantly delete iphone contacts - help

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by MelbourneMick, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. I delete contacts form my iPhone but when i sync it through iTunes as I did with my new iPhone i now have back all the numbers of people i delete ages ago.

    Do i need to somehow delete them through iTunes?

    If i choose not to have iTunes sync contacts then any of the contacts i actually want to keep won't be synced.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    technology shits me.

    and yes...i have already tried pouring boiling water on my keyboard thankyou.
  2. Have you got the latest software (5) for iPhone? If so, then it will automatcally back up your contacts to your icloud server (apple server) and not your pc
  3. Do you have restore/backup points/files from previous backups??

    Also, when I get access to a PC and if you have gmail, i'll find a link that lets your phone sync contacts instantly (the moment they are entered) with your gmail account. Kind of like cloud, but way before people even knew what cloud was... Apple marketing.

    -posting on phone; spelling likely fukd
  4. yeah i got the new whizzbang iPhone a few days ago and the new software dowloaded automatically with iTunes.
    I will suss out icloud, all new to me that is. I just want it to stop added all these contacts i deleted from my phone.

    ahhhh ok I do have a restore point. so this is obviously backing up everything from my old iPhone yeah?
    so i am gussing i need to delete all the contacts i no longer want, and reset the restore point
  5. You're missing the point, silly! How are Steve's minions supposed to keep up with every aspect of your life and report the interesting ones to the CIA and the FBI if go and do stupid things like delete old contacts? You don't really think they're going to let you do that, do you?

    Of course, it might be smarter on their part to create the appearance that you could. But, what the hey! We're apple, and you're nobody, so ... ... Lots of people buy our stuff and they like it, so what's wrong with you?
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  6. Throw it out and dont buy another iPhone :p
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  7. You absolute bastard
    As if I am not paranoid enough
  8. See here is the issue. I didn't buy (or pay off) my last iPhone or this new one.
    I have quite involved spats with Optus everyone and again that go through the complaints process and I always ask for the latest phone as compensation.
    I guess I am a victim of my own greed as I am a spastic as using it.
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  9. Hey - I just call em as I see em!

    Which phone company built a roaring business on a phone system that was enterprise ready, fast with text, and secure like national governments couldn't touch it? That's right - RIM. And what's happening now? RIM are in trouble the world over and somebody took half their system down for 2 days the other week, just to rattle big business. People with BlackBerries are obviously terrorists.

    Now which phone system is going from screaming strength to screaming strength despite getting sprung for logging and keeping GPS data from their customers? That's on top of the cell tower hand over logs and every msg and contact detail the iFool ever put on the thing. I'll drop a hint - their iBoss just kicked the bucket from liver cancer, and is in the process of being canonised.
  10. I get the feeling your not a fan of apple? :)
    Just a sense I getting.

    I see it as all phone company's are pricks. The mobile phone salesman has replaced the used the used car salesman as the lowest form of life.

    But we all have this need to communicate excessively with people we know and like, don't know and like, know and don't like and don't know and don't like.
  11. AHA!!!! fk you fkn apple bastards i worked it out !

    The problem was itunes would automatically load and start syncing when i plugged my phone it.
    so i stop that.
    i deleted all the contacts i didn't want from my phone then plugged it in and synced it with itunes, it actually informed me that i would be losing 34 contacts. excellent!

    i believe if i use the 'restore' option if my phone fks out at anytime then they will all come back

    oh and up yours to the 34 deleted contacts :+)

    rant over
    close thread
  12. And Android do exactly the same thing, and to be honest Apple had a much better explanation than Google
    See above.
    I'd like to see a citation for that bit.

    Haters gonna hate, but really you can do better than that...
  13. I like the technology. I like their sense of style. I like how they can build things that work, even for techernogical midgets. (Mostly). I don't like how much they charge. I don't like how locked in and proprietary they are. I don't like the way they gouge people who don't have the tech smarts to see they're being ripped off. I don't like iTunes - in any way shape of form. I think their business practices are predatory and ruthless and take advantage of people who don't know any better. It's like selling cut price cigaretttes with packaging showing barbie and unicorns and smurfs - it leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

    STigger - bare with me a bit. I need to go and have a ciggy. I don't have a citation about msg + conatct details. I just don't trust them. Everything that I've seen indicates the once that information goes into your phone, the genie has left the lamp - and he ain't going to get back in.

    Andriod phones do the same thing, it's just how the technology works, but it's a more open scene with more players, each watching the other and talking about what they see and blowing the whistle if they think they should. It's a bit like the linux v M$ thing. If M$ built a great big back door into every box for US Gov to use, who'd know? But if Linus and the boys tried to do something like that (as if they'd want to) how long would it take before someone started bleating about it from the rooftops? Everyone who wants to can download the source to everything and see exactly how each little thing works. Apple are just like M$ in this - it's all "My Secret."
  14. I hear this and I'm never sure what it all means???
    How do they "take advantage of people who don't know any better"???

    What's so predatory about them?

    What does "Everything that I've seen indicates the once that information goes into your phone, the genie has left the lamp - and he ain't going to get back in." even mean?

    Although the base android OS is "Open Source" I'm not actually sure that's true, the GUI's are proprietary you don't get the source to Touchwiz, Sense, or what ever the Motorola one is. So really what's the difference???

    Apple aren't just like the MS in that Apple are and have always been a hardware company what ever software they write is only to sell more hardware.
  15. Not sure if the question was answered but I haven't been on here for a while.

    Here's a link to set up your iPhone so when you enter or modify a contact or calender entry it uses your data connection (if you have one) to sync your ew information with your google mail account. Very handy, I've already backed up info from google already.

  16. Cheers.brownyy
  17. I ever found hard to delete contacts from iPhone, which easily reappeared. But I was told to use iPhone Data Eraser, and deleted contacts are erased completely. iPhone memory is released a lot.
    Step 1.Install iPhone Data Eraser on the computer and connect iPad with computer.
    Step 2.Choose "Erase All Data on Device" on the list.
    Step 3.Delete music on iPad. "Medium" level is the most common choice. Click "Start" to erase.
    You can get rid of useless contacts permanently!
  18. Hello tallismanentallismanen nice to meet you. They probably found a solution in the 4 years it took you to get here :)
  19. She's Justus in disguise. Necro'ing old threads is a hard habit to break.
  20. Yeah and my maths is shite as well.