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permanent car "forfeit"

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by pringa8, Jul 17, 2007.

  1. http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2007/07/17/1980622.htm

    Car gone for good under anti-hoon laws
    Posted 2 hours 58 minutes ago
    Updated 2 hours 27 minutes ago

    A SA driver has lost his car permanently under anti-hoon laws (file photo). (ABC TV: ABC TV)

    Map: Mount Gambier 5290
    A Mount Gambier man has become the first in South Australia to forfeit his car permanently under anti-hoon driving laws.

    Police today seized a car belonging to Mathew Hill, 29, under a magistrate's order.

    It will now be handed over to the Crown and listed for sale.

    Until now, vehicles seized have been impounded for 48 hours.

    Senior Sergeant Steve Hill says tougher measures were needed in this case.

    "This person is a habitual traffic offender. He has numerous serious offences against the traffic laws," he said.

    "The Government's given us the legislation to act in this way and we have taken that action."
  2. No matter what some people do i still think this law is bullshit :evil: Sure take away there licence,put them in jail but to seize someones assetts is i beleive a crock of shit :twisted:
  3. Be interesting to know what the car is. Hell of a difference in penalty between losing say a 500 buck POS and a brand new $50,000 car (which is just one of the ridiculous things about the hoon law).
  4. Who get's the cash when they sell it??
  5. I believe the Government do.
  6. I suppose it'd be too much to ask that it go to something like the Victims of Crime Fund...
  7. it is such a load of crap.
    for the real hoons, i dont really care. what actually does shit me is that law enforcement people can use this as a threat/intimidation tactic to make people do things that they wouldnt do by choice.
    it is handing over far too much power to authorities.
    does anyone know if the law applies to a hoon driving parents car? is that car forfeited?
    next, they are going to make people pay a bond every year in order to hold a license
  8. News just in...

    The South Asutralian Police Minister has just been booked doing 230kph in a 60kph zone is a siezed Nissan Skyline Coupe...

  9. If you knew they were coming the vehicle sure as hell wouldnt be worth much by the time they took it. Wouldnt give the bastards the satisfaction.
  10. The law (in Vic anyway) applies to the car, not the person driving it. So if you get your parents car seized, or your company car then its tough.
    I don't know about seizing to sell but maybe seizing for longer like 6 months for a third offence, then again that may lead to storage issues... but either way if you're still getting caught doing something that stupid a third time then you obviously aren't learning either and probably shouldn't be on the road. No good taking licenses away cos people still ride/drive anyway so its hardly a deterrent.
  11. i subscribe to your wisdom. however, they would probably put you in the can for damage to government property :shock:
  12. So effectively you could get slapped with 10 months in prison for the hooning (see other thread), a huge fine, lose your license indefinitely, get a huuuuuuuge fine ($50k in the form of a confiscated car), and then get a further jail term for getting pissed off and setting fire to the thing.

    Given the consequences involved people need to find lower risk hobbies, like **** or something. :roll:

    (For the record I don't ride on the road anymore, so don't lump me into the pissed off hoon category).

    And since when is R@PE a censored word?
  13. At least you'd have a shot at getting an insurance pay-out on a crashed car.

    I guess if the things go to auction you could always buy it back almost cheaply - it's obvious they've all been thrashed.
    I'd collect some mates to go around and tell everyone else at the auction the sad story too... something along the lines of "That's my car. I'm buying it back. If you outbid me, I'll stab you." should do it.

    ... and they all lived happily ever after.
  14. +1 We seem to live in a society now where traffic offences are viewed as among the worst criminal offences. Hardly a day goes by now where you don't hear or read in the news about a driver caught doing X kph in a Y kph zone. Noticed? I mean, who cares? Women are r&^%d, kids molested, all sorts of other stuff that matters happens, and traffic infringements are daily news? WTF? Throwing the book at 'hoons' is one thing. Seizing assets and selling them is waaaaaaaaay overboard IMHO and smacks of Big Brother gone a bit mad with power. Fine, take the licence, they gave you that. The car is not theirs to take.

    I'd like to know where the civil libertarians are on this one. They're always so quick to pipe up about the rights of terrorists, pedophiles, drug-addicted thieves and other respectable members of our community, but seemingly not a peep about this sort of nonsense which, in essence, targets pretty average, normal people having a bit of (illegal) fun.
  15. And that's more or less what dictates the penalty, doesn't it? What happens when you take a mate's car, or a work car out and decide to give it a bit of a flogging? If you've been done before then chances are that the other person will lose the car. And that person will be pushing shit uphill to get his pound of flesh out of the guy, too.

    So, for a motoring offence, is a potential $50k penalty justified?

    I think that the lesson here for hoons is that if they're gonna do it, then get hoon-bombs - disposable cars. The lads chip a coupla hundred bucks, buy a POS, then if they get caught, big deal.

    That's how I envisage how this could go for the habitual offenders, those who go to those "hoon-meets" like the ones around Dandenong (Vic).
  16. If some tosspot habitually drink drives, endangers other road users, ignores milder penalties handed down time and time again, I am all for him losing his bloody car.

    Regards, Andrew.
  17. By the letter of the law in the states that I know about, breaking traction twice could have you lose your bike/car.

    Ever given it a blat away from the lights (up to the speed limit) and someone else just also happens to be leaving the line enthusiastically? Get caught doing that twice and you (potentially) lose your car/bike too.

    While they havent succeeded in bringing the road toll down, they have succeeded in convincing nearly everyone that these are just about the worst crimes committable.
  18. Most road users would agree...some people will drive no matter what and the only option may be too take their car..but it should go to court and the police should have to show damn good reason and a pattern of behaviour to do so...these people are a tiny percentage of road users

    This law can be applied to anybody at the discretion of the police officer...so get caught doing 25 over on your favourite twisties..lose your car or bike for 48 hours...and have to pay $600 or so to get it back, get caught doing a small mono or stoppie...oops hoon offence again...lose your car/bike again for a longer period of time

    I don't have a problem with the law as such...just it's application and the fact it is an instant thing...nobody should be able to confiscate anything unless ALL other options have been exhausted...show a pattern of extremely bad behaviour, multiple drink driving offences etc...and the police should be able to apply to the courts as a last resort...there should be a process to go through...it definately should not be at the officer who pulls you overs discretion
  19. Thats why you haven't heard anything from them, cause it effects normal people. Interesting that an organisation for the people is generally hated by the people they're trying to represent! Who actually supports these w@nkers anyway???
  20. Can anyone actually point out a case where someone has broken traction twice and lost their vehicle forever, or is it just so much bullshit?
    The cases I have seen reported have been of people who are career wankers and have been warned more than several times...............

    Regards, Andrew.