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Perished tyres

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Yoshi_99R1, Apr 9, 2005.

  1. I have just bought a 99 R1 off a mate who couldn't ride it anymore because he busted his ankle playing footy. The bike has been stored in his garage in Darwin for the past 2 years. I am not sure if they have been the same tyres the whole time, i will have to ask him. A friend of mine who is a more experienced rider said my tyres felt a bit hard or weird, they are Dunlop 208's. How long does it take for tyres to actually start to perish?

  2. 2+ yrs would be enough for the rubber to harden to the point of no return. I would certainly look at taking them to the tyre fitters at getting their opinion, with the expectation that they are shot and need replacing.
  3. if u r storing tyres, would u spray something on it so this wouldnt happen???
  4. Nope
    Your best bet would be to remove the tyres and cover them in plastic wrap and keep in a cool shady place.
    All being said and done the rear tyre on my bike has lasted me 20,000 kms and been on the bike since late 2002.
    Still grips well but the tread is now getting almost to the twi.
    So will be replacing it soo.n
  5. The reason that tyres have that slippery shit on them is to slow down the hardening of the rubber over time.

    It only slows it down though... doesn't stop it.

    Tyres that have been used, then not used for extended periods of time will be harder than originally and grip will suffer.

    Having said that... if they were sporty tyres to start with then the remaining grip may still be similar to sports touring tyres :)
  6. i think i may get some new tyres i think.
  7. quote : slippery shit on them....... unquote....

    how and if possible to buy this????
  8. That initial slippery coating you get on new tyres is not to protect them, but to make them easier to remove from the tyre mold. Or so I have been told.
  9. correct!
    things made in moulds (tyres. other rubber and plastic bits, metal forgings)
    are gotten out by spraying the mould with.....
    mould release
    very slippery stuff.
    learnt sumfing workin' for Dunlop for 12 years :LOL: