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Perhaps you're taking your biking a bit too far...?

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Bigchief, Jul 18, 2008.

  1. [​IMG]

  2. :LOL: Funny as.. Get's ideas :-k

    I think that photo is fake though as the car's body roll for the corner he is attempting is the opposite. The side he is sticking out of should be higher, not lower.

    Good find but.
  3. You've confused me, Tim. :shock:
  4. I'm equally confused.... he is turning to the left...so how can that side be lower?
  5. maybe cos there is a jack on the other side lifting the car up.
    the car isn't moving.
  6. Okay let me explain. He is turning left correct. Hop in a car and turn left into a street and feel the car body wants to move to the right, the weight of the vehicle shifts to the right side so if the car is a standard height it will lift slightly in the left and lower on the right side, simple.

    Think about it, how can a car lower itself on that side when all the weight is on the other. They made it lower on the side the rider is hanging out because it simulates a "motorbike" turning.

    Dont mind the dodgy paint drawings:


    Make sense now, the image of this topic represents the second image which cant be possible.

    Another good point, car isn't moving as tread on tyre shows, and it would of been jacked up too.

  7. Tim you are correct, but yes that's why its not that way in the photo. ;)
  8. Aaaw man i so wanted it to be real too

  9. The real question is: why is the cager smiling?
  10. shadows/reflections are all correct, he/she'd be in the wrong riding position for a bike were it photoshoped in.

    +1 for the car being at a standstill.
  11. fcuk me drunk, heaven help your children when all the other kids are enjoying Santa Clause.
  12. Who's that?
  13. He / She is looking thru the corner thou! That helps makes it more real doesn't it... Haha