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NSW Perhaps Insurance company "lowest tender" repairs aren't appreciated by everyone

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by bonox, Mar 10, 2011.

  1. http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/mass-brawl-as-men-storm-sydney-smash-repairs-garage-20110310-1boca.html

    "A group of men, possibly armed with bats and knives, have stormed a smash repair shop in western Sydney, police say.

    Officers were called to the garage on Toongabbie Road, Girraween, about 4pm yesterday, when up to 20 men fought with staff, police said."

    perhaps he wasn't happy with his new slip on and the panels not lining up right?
  2. or perhaps the urban legend that some repair shops are also fronts for the drug trade might have some credence??
  3. ^^it's not entirely crap hornet, a few years back there was a massive uproar regarding a summernats elite winner funding a few of his award winning cars with drug money. prior to that becoming public knowledge he was well respected in the modified car community
  4. I remember when go kart tracks were all the craze for drug fronts. Shame that wasnt an urban legend.
  5. I lol'ed at this nearly as much as Kristina Keneally today saying she is going to crack down on the mafia... Wonder if she means the ones in the labor party.
  6. Not a legend. End of story.
  7. It was at Gordon Tyler Smash Repair.
    They've done work for me and they're top notch.
    Nothing to do with lowest tender garbage IMO.
    They've been NRMA preferred for as long as I recall.
  8. You suggesting someone is undercutting the car washers?
    (Seriously, how do make enough money out of car washing for a Ferrari...?)
  9. comedy fail. There can't be many people who turn up in a group of 20 with weapons to complain about a poor paint finish!