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Performance pads

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by pringa8, Apr 5, 2007.

  1. Hey guys, any suggestions for performance brake pads?

    Looking at something that can handle heat from track days without compromising normal road braking. Just a few steps up from standard pads if you know what I mean, nothing that needs a fair amount of heat before braking kicks in.

  2. If u want extreme performance, u can go HH metal sintered Pads. From ebc, goldfred, ferado.
    If not just normal sintered pads should give u braking performance to endo pretty easy.
  3. Thanks for the info. Just looking for pads that wont fade out on the track (being more familiar with cars, is brake fade still a factor with stock pads on bikes?)
  4. Mate I have tried allsorts and have been using the EBC HH pads for a while and I am very happy with them, the hotter they get the better they work
  5. They still work well under normal road conditions?
  6. I've got EBC HH pads in the Hornet. So much better than the standard ones. With braided lines the lever feel is so nice and hard. None of that spongy crap!! Dont know what they would be like on the track. Never had any trouble on the road and they don't seem to wear the rotors like some sintered metallic pads can.

  7. EBC's HH pads are the race version from their range. They are pretty good but being sintered, will put more wear on your disk than the road version. They are a soft compound version so will not last as long either.
    It a trade off between long life and performance.
    Goodridge also have an RGH pad which is VERY similar to the EBC HH.
    The are around $88 per caliper compared to 50-60 per caliper for the road compound.
    You can go a step further and get a real race pad (such as a carbon metallic) but these are designed to be used in racing situations where you can maintain a high level of heat.
    Using a race pad on the road may mean you can't maintain that heat requirement to make the most of the higher level of friction.
    Carbon Metallics have a number of advantages over sintered.
    They are not a soft compound pad so have less disk wear (as well as less pad wear). They maintain their friction level for longer. They reduce disk drag and come in a choice of compounds.
    To compare prices, race pads are around $90 per caliper.
    You have to choose the best type of pad material for the application.
    If you are mainly riding on the road with occasional track use, I wouldn't go with a race pad. Use a pad designed for the road.