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Performance chips for motorbikes

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Michael Jackson, Jan 9, 2009.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    Sorry if some of this doesn't make sense or if this has already been covered elsewhere on the site, I am a newb to bikes and netrider! :p

    I have been looking around the net for a new bike and I stumbled upon these powerchips for motorcycles. I know they make them for cars and there is plenty of info around the net in terms of performance, pricing etc..... However there is not a great deal about the ones for bikes:?.

    I found one on eBay claiming that they can increase performance, +15bhp, (stores.ebay.co.uk/Celox-Performance) "for all petrol electronic fuel injected motorcycles" && "100% STREET LEGAL" from the UK for a grand total of $18.50AUD (Piaggio Vespa Hyosung GT 250R KTM other models etc...).

    So my question is has anyone modded their bike (hyosung gt250r) with one of these? and what did it do for your bike? Did it work?

    It seems awfully cheap (seeing that power chips for cars cost way, way more) and there is no info out there on the net about these or testimonials about if they work or not so seems kinda dodgy to me.:roll: :?:
  2. honestly, you would see more of a performance increase if you took a dump before getting on your bike
  3. Hahaha, I will take that into consideration before I go on rides.
  4. Of course, Why didn't I think of that.
  5. Holding it open for longer works best.
  6. Umm....

    .... isn't the Hyosung GT250R carburettored?

    (*googles*) Oh, wait, 2008 model is EFI apparently! Well, there you go.

    No way that an off-the-shelf ECU tune would increase power by 50% on an engine already pushing out 116hp/litre.
  7. Sounds pretty dodgy to me. There are such things as Power Commanders, which actually allow tuning of an EFI system, but they're a couple of hundred bucks. And as Spots says, 15 horse is a *huge* increase for a Hyo and is massively unlikely without tuning, jetting, pipe and possibly some porting and polishing and such in the motor.

    General rule of thumb - if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.
  8. Wiki says carburettored. Assuming the GT250 and GT250R are the same.


    Cars these days are chipped for fuel economy coming out of the factory and im guessing this makes the engines last a bit longer too. Chipping for power is done for police vehicles. I can't imagine the power increase being anything above 20% though.
  9. I see your Wikipedia entry and raise you Hyosung UK's website:

  10. Nah, I reckon the Aus GT250R will still be carbed. The UK market gets fuel injected 250s where the Aus market gets carbed.

    If you look at the Kwaka GPX250R, it is carbed in Aus and FI'd in the UK. Fair 'nough really, the UK version retails at 3500 pounds which converted at the PPP exchange rate and adjusting for the GST difference, costs $8000 versus $6500 in Aus (plus ORCs).

    As far as the chip is concerned, firstly, the website states "power is increased by up to 15BHP". Secondly, MJ, you are naive as Snow White. Thirdly, why hasn't anyone mentioned the word BULLSHIT yet?
  11. #11 JP, Jan 9, 2009
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  12. Don't waste your money. Spend it on your next bike.
  13. I think my original intent's been misunderstood.

    I was thinking the eBay scammers had listed a bike which isn't even EFI as a "fuel injected motorcycle", but there are, in fact, EFI GT250Rs in the universe.

  14. Damn! I knew it was too easy! I'll go back to my corner now :oops:
    I guess that means I'm the one that got owned in the end :LOL:
  15. first reply mate :p
  16. I haven't seen a link for this item you are referring to but will assume it's the standard eBay powerchip scam that has been running riot through the car modified scene for years now.
    Usually those 20hp increase items have been a resistor.
    That's it.
    No joke.
  17. :LOL: Yeah, sorry, completely missed your inference the first time!

    And while I'm at it, MJ, the best way to improve the performance of your Yosung is to attach an ICBM to it. :)
  18. Last I checked, wasn't this just a few ohm resistor connected inline with the air temp sensor, just causing rich running.....
    (Watch your fuel consumption increase nicely.)

    So for carbed bikes, just move the clip down the needle a notch. Viola!
    (And you don't pay $18)
  19. If it were to potentially run with more power, wouldn't the "powerchip" be leaning the engine out rather than rich.

    I could be very wrong but that was the way I understood it
  20. Neither rich nor lean is going to give more power across the board compared to an accurate tune. I guess, depending on things like the overall path through the engine and so on, running rich at low revs might even out to give more peak power, but...