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'performance chip' +15hp

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by removed-6, Nov 27, 2007.

  1. Sounds like a valid performance mod? Anyone with experience, bought one? What other things does telling the ECU that the air is cold, when it may not be, will this do to the engine? Seems like $20 well spent to me/

  2. 15bhp? No chance in hell you would get that. From what I've read they are a waste of money.
  3. They do them for cars as well..

    If i am correct they trick the map sensor in to thinking more air or colder air is coming in, hence more fuel. I think thats how they work.. :grin:
  4. If it was $200 i would say dont waste your money.. But at $20 bucks who knows ?? I am sure you will waste more than that on something else anyway.. :grin:
  5. That's exactly what I was thinking.
  6. Good point I guess, might as well see if you notice a difference
  7. if you increase the ignition by 2 degrees it will spit more fuel in your cylinders before its supposed to, and may not burn it all up.You will get a bit more power, but i doubt you will get 15bhp. More fuel means more power means not all fuel could be burnt off means more wear on the pistons means LESS fuel economy, not more...

    Dont bother...
  8. Yeah, anything I can do to stop the litres smokin' me so bad on the straight at Phillip Island. Even when I exit turn 12 with pace on them they just pull away, so this might make it that little bit less.............

    Couldn't care less about fuel economy!
  9. Costs 20 bucks. Get it and let us know. I personally doubt it won't do much/anything.
  10. :? Whaaaaa....???

    Check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Four-stroke_cycle

    In this case the spark occurs at TDC... advancing the spark causes the spark to occur before TDC, which means a slightly longer time to burn the fuel, meaning improved power and efficiency.

    Too much advance means the fuel "explosion" fights the compression stroke. There's a practical limit.

    The colder air thing - if the air is colder, it's more dense and therefore needs more fuel to maintain the fuel air ratio.

    If the air is infact NOT THAT COLD, but the ECU thinks it is, the bike will be running richer and fuel economy goes down.

    Mark, have a look at who's already bought these chips and start firing off emails through ebay's contact member function and see what their experiences have been.
  11. It'll probably do more harm than good, as the others have said, it'll make your bike run rich.
  12. I have one of these things. The wife thought she was doing the right thing and bought it for me. It is in the garage somewhere still in the packet. The +15BHP is a name only and does not refer to the power gain. There is no way in the world you could buy 15BHP for $20. This thing is only a resistor and can be made for about 20c. You just need to know what volts are going back to the ECU when the air temperature is cold. If you cool down the Intake Air Temperature sensor to the desired temperature you just need to measure the resistance through the sensor.
    Then buy a resistor and put it in place of the intake temperature sensor.
  13. As the above have explained, these things trick the bike into running rich. Yes, you may make a little more HP, but I seriously doubt 15 HP. While fuel economy may not bother you, running rich will have a tendency to foul your spark plugs which will hurt performance and cause hassle.
  14. Just save up and get a power commander. Even with a custom map, 15 hp (assuming rear wheel) is a big gain.
    So no way your getting that from a resistor!
  15. There is a difference between running rich and running richer.

    EFI bikes especially (aren't they all, now?) are set to run lean to help with emission control among other things.

    Whether you use a power commander or some other tuning device, they all increase the richness of the mixture in one way or another. This does not, by itself, result in fouling plugs, but it usually results in more power, somewhere in the rev band.

    Whether this device is worth $20 only the brave will know. Good project for dyno testing?


    Trevor G
  16. :rofl: :rofl:

    I'm going to buy two and get +30HP!!!!
  17. If the bike was running a bit lean because you had added a pipe and filter and the standard map was near it's limit you might get a few kWs. Not 12.
  18. just buy a bottle of metho and stick that in your tank. Burn quicker and hotter. CHeaper too!
  19. cars usually run higher numbers leaner. so i would imagine bikes would too. plus its about getting the right air/fuel ratio, which some $20 chip is obviously not gonna give.

    my guess is its just like the $20 car performance chips. a scam
  20. I agree with Rob, fire off some emails, i'm betting its a scam, and everyone thinks "Hey, its $20, could try it out..." ... if 5 people do that, they are $100 up on this morning, encouraging them to do it again...

    Electrically speaking, a resistor will help disipate a charge, not delay it, so i don't know how it would work, and if its a big enough resistor, it wouldn't do anything to the charge as it would simply continue along its standard path (assuming this is installed in parallel not in series, which would just block the signal altogether)