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Performance Bikes & Watercraft in Moorabbin

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Culprit, Nov 11, 2004.

  1. Best guy I have ever dealt with. No crap, lets you know what's going on. I have been in trouble a few times and he helped me out. Broken chain came and picked me up and the bike. Same thing when my clutch cable snapped and his prices are great. They are always busy I would advise to book in.

    One time I just dropped in to check something out, he noticed my reard pads were near metal and he put a set on for me and said don't worry about it as I had to drop my bike in the next week for a service and he charged me for them then.

    He and his side kick Frank are great to deal with. Best of all if your new at riding, they don't talk down to you. They will advise you about everything about your bike etc.
  2. whats his name again? i forgot :?

    yer, good bloke to deal with, easy to talk to and best of all, decent bloody prices. seems pretty ready to chat about things aswell, i'd recommend him for sure. definately one of the easiest mechanics i've had to talk to, real friendly.

    another place is Global Motorcycle Wreckers in Dandenong. the guy there is easy to chat to aswell, again good prices and service. i dont know what he's like for repairs, he does mainly dirbikes i think, but he hasn't steered me wrong in the parts department yet :D
  3. hey, i was gunna say all that!!! I've been using Mick as a grease monkey for about 8 years.... and he is the best i've ever used. Not only is he a kick arse machanic who never overcharges (often the opposite!) he loves his bikes and will do all he can to help you out...
  4. Prior to buying my bike, I went up there for a chat. Agree with you all - the best guy! No bull, tells it like it is and points things out on a bike (which is good cos I know stuff-all).

    If anyone ever needs something picked up etc, I work about 200 metres down the road from them.
  5. oihhh...up the hill or down the hill???
    me ? I am in Wickham Rd

  6. I'm down the hill on Cochranes Road.
    Towards Warrigal Road.
    Same side of Cochranes Road as PB&W.
    Next to the big green building.
    Out the back in an office with a window that opens.
    Which looks at the back wall of the take away joint that serves maggots but closed down.

    None the less, up the hill or down the hill, I will still fetch a pail of water - but get your own coffee! :p
  7. Thats where my RWC came from. The seller of the bike was providing it, but I received a call from them to advise me when it would be ready (he knew I couldn't wait to get my bike).

    Seemed like a pretty good bloke.
  8. I am also in Wickham Rd. Small world eh!
  9. sounds like time...
    for a Moorabbin chapter of this venerable organization..... :D
    anyone else?

  10. Cafe 191 on Chesterville Rd is a good central meeting place if anyone is interested.

    :D :D :D
  11. Not sure where that is??? Nearest X road?
  12. Let me rephrase that. I know where Chesterville Road is, but not Cafe 191.

    The butcher at the Chesterville shops (off South Road) rides an 1100 Yamaha. Got good meat too :wink:
  13. It is near the corner of Chesterville Rd and Independence St (which is about halfway between Wickham and Cochranes Rds) Also goes by the name Cafe Aroma (which is a chain I believe)

    I have a Net purity of 100% so I can't comment.
  14. Where are these guys? I'm after a great and caring mechanic. Do they give hugs if you're sad :LOL: ?

    But really, what is there address?
  15. It's on Cochranes Road on the corner of some other road next to an auto sparky...don't know the number but he always has biked out the front, so you can't miss it.

    Mick is a top bloke, good pricing, no bull and great service.
    He'll usually bend over backwards to help you with your bike.

  16. Being the fantastic person that I am, I have gone up to PB&W and grabbed some business cards. I shall bring them to coffee this Friday.


    The address is:
    Factory 2
    43 Cochranes Road
    Phone: 9555 5088

    Michael is the owner.

    Don't forget to come and see me for a business card on Friday!
  17. Is that Mick Bubb with the ponytail, used to work out of BTX in FerntreeGully?
  18. Yep. Long brown hair, ponytail, usually covered in grease. Man of the same name.
  19. I found Cafe 191. If anyone wants to do lunch or coffee I can meet there.

    The things you find when you run away from the office for an hour while the boss is out.....! :twisted:
  20. Just a reminder to y'all.

    I have business cards from PB&W if anyone wants any tonight at coffee.