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Performance Bikes & Watercraft - CLOSED. But....

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by doonx, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. I just spoke to Mick from Performance Bikes & Watercraft. He has bought Brighton Kawasaki outright and will be moving there from Monday, 3 July 2006


    Performance Bikes & Watercraft
    2/43 Cochranes Rd


    Brighton Kawasaki
    811 Nepean Hwy

    (old PB&W number will continue for 12 months)

    Frank (Mick's No1 mechanic) is already over at Brighton and will now be the Service Mechanical Manager. Mick assures me that in terms of mechanic work and servicing, nothing except the location will change.

    I booked the Viffer in for it's 30,000 minor service on 3 July, so I'll let everyone know how it goes. I will also suggest to Mick that he has coffee available for his customers ;)
  2. Sorry doonks dumb question alert! :oops:

    Where is/was Performance Bikes & Watercraft?
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  4. They were on Cochranes Road in Moorabbin
  5. Thanks guys, now I know the place.
  6. Thats a better location anyway, means i can go down the beach in summer while i'm waiting :LOL:

    Mick and Frank are top mechanics and i'm sure anyone who has had dealing with them will travel the extra 10 minutes to get to the new shop.
  7. They're 10 mins closer to me now ;) Except I'm not sure if they have the tools that are needed to do Triumphs. Might have to give them a call just to see but I think I'll definitely stick with Charlie @ turn one whilst having a Triumph but if/when Emma gets a bike, major services will be done by these guys on her bike :grin:
  8. so you have to take your Hoonda's to a kwaka mechanic :LOL: :LOL: (cough cough)
  9. he's not a "Kwakka" mechanic, he's a bike mechanic that just so happened to purchase a Kawasaki bike shop.

    undii - it wouldn't surprise me at all if could handle your Triumph as well as he does all the other bikes he gets. Give him a call. If you're as happy with your current mechanic as I am with Mick, then you're in good hands :)
  10. i wonder if the prices will lose their brightonnnnn surcharge, brighton kawa wanted $350 for a valve clearance and oil change when i called them last week :roll: despite the prices they are nice guys there.
  11. ah so it turns out my source was reliable and Mick did take over the bike shop in Brighton... :eek:

    So I'm assuming you'll be doing all your own minor services on the Triumph wazza :wink:
  12. hmmmm...

    ..very strange this
    coz according to the current owner of BKwaka
    ..its crap. :evil:

    I was in Brighton Kawasaki this morning and asked Ken Nixon
    if he had sold..and why.

    With the Kwaka Vic sales manager standing next to us
    Ken said
    ...he has not sold, has NO intention of selling
    and as he enjoys what he does, it will be quite a while
    before he considers selling.
    he then said..whoever's spreading the rumour is wrong!

    Ken then went on to say that the last offer he had to buy the
    business was 6months ago from A1 just up the road
    ..he refused the offer

    who's right?

    atm, having known Ken for nearly 20 years
    I believe Ken !

  13. I was there as well today (about 11:30am). Ended up buying some oil and got some crush washers. West to bikemart first but they didn't have the oil I wanted nor sold crush washers, only had them with drain plugs.

    Glad I didn't waste a trip to ringwood for that as I was in ringwood to attend maroondah hospital this morning and dorpped into Bikemart on the way back. Went to brighton kwaka cause bike mart didn't have the stock :shock: Didn't expect that to happen.
  14. Interesting indeed .. I heard something different again to both stories about one of these businesses, but it's only hear-say so I wasn't/aren't prepared to talk about it. It will be interesting to see what comes about in the next few weeks ...
  15. hmmm... interesting, coz I'd heard this rumour off a few people that definitely don't know each other so it's strange that they all heard the same rumour :?

  16. Nah, the rumour is confirmed...

    I'll be doing all my own minor services :wink: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  17. which rumour?

    that PB has closed?
    that BKwaka is sold?
    PB is now running Bkwaka?

  18. Undii was only talking about doing his own servicing and not about PB or BKwaka...

    I don't think either of them have been confirmed, and as it is the owner of BKwaka has said that he's not selling... but apparently Mick from PB has bought a Kawasaki dealership in Brighton so who knows?? :?
  19. well Mick told me himself that he has bought Brighton Kawasaki, he gave me the address of 811 Nepean Hwy, Brighton (which is the address of Brighton Kawasaki), he even said it's next door to "Bikes N Bits" (817 Nepean Highway), and I have booked the VFR in ther for it's 30K service on 3 July.

    Performance Bikes ph - 95555088

    I would suggest you pick up the phone and ask yourselves.
  20. cool, I'll be calling Mick when my bike's due for it's next major as it's running great at the moment and I'll be doing my own minor servicing :grin:

    I think if Mick himself told you that then it's going to happen :cool: