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perforation or not? riding in Sydney

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by alwayseric, Dec 28, 2011.

  1. i wonder if a perforated leather jacket is proffered to a none-perforated one when riding in Sydney where the temperature varies between 5-30 degrees yearly. sure, in summer, it can be as high as 35degrees.

    i want to buy one that i can ride in almost every time except wet days.

    guys, give me some suggestions. :-({|=
  2. also, i usually/will wear a tshirt or a shirt under.
  3. Just buy a frigging jacket and get out there already!
    3 frigging threads...
  4. Yes, I always wore perforated jackets. The Joe Rocket Speedmaster jacket is good value for money.
  5. Buy the perforation jacket & when winter hits buy a thermal long sleeve top to wear under the jacket.
  6. the question actually is if it will be too cold for me wearing a perforated jacket in winter morning for say about 20mins riding to city?

    now i am inclined to a perforated gp-r, or non-perforated gp-plus. both of them do not come with a hump. then a tech 1-r with hump.
  7. I don't think you can find one jacket that does everything well.

    Perforated jackets freeze the hell out of you in winter and if you get caught in the rain it's horrible.

    Since it's summertime, buy a summer jacket and when winter comes buy a winter jacket.

    Probably the best all around season gear is dri rider textile stuff, but it's not going to protect you like leather.

    I got 3 jackets;
    - Dianese heavily ventilated mesh jacket for summer. Keeps me cool but doesn't offer any back protection.
    - alpinestars MX1, perforated leather great for track days and mountain riding
    - shift full leather jacket. This what I wear in winter, its a bit big so I can fit a few layers of clothes underneath for those freezing conditions. Goes ok in light-moderate rain since the water doesn't seep in. This is the jacket that I wear the most.
  8. You'll be fine. I often wore mine during winter, with just an Icebreaker top underneath.
  9. Just put on a light weight rain coat in winter to stop the wind. This will be a single crash item but should only cost $30 from Kmart or Clarke Rubber.

    I use a vented leather jacket in summer and a textile touring jacket in winter. This is a 20-40 minute commute in Sydney, at 60-80 in the morning and filtering speeds in the afternoon.
  10. thanks guy!! i have made my mind now. will drive (ironically) to auburn to try it out and place order before new year.
  11. I reckon you got another thread in you yet - we haven't even discussed colours yet!
  12. :angel:
  13. Some perforated jackets have a removable liner, for cold weather.
  14. you know what? you are right. i know what color i want, but not sure about size:-({|=

    i am size 48 in tech r-1, what size should i pick for gp-r perf? no where i can find one in sydney. they are sold on overseas websites. size 48 or smaller at 46? any experience?
  15. I reckon get perfed and wear a fleece jacket or something over it if it gets too cold.

    Edit: There's a chance you'll be lusting for a new jacket by winter anyway :bolt:
  16. Here's the thing...

    You're going to be too ****ing hot
    You're going to be too ****ing cold

    Just get used to the idea
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  17. what color neck sock is the next question!!

    what about the thermal t-shirt underneath ??

    heated vest maybe??
  18. I've just ordered a perforated Alpinestars GP-R from the US, (in white and black if you're still looking for colour suggestions ;) ). Will let you know how much difference the vents make once it arrives. And once summer actually arrives. :)
  19. Well praise the Road Gods!

    I look forward to reading several threads about the myriad choices in gloves, boots and helmets in the near future...
  20. Glad I could help. I ordered the one with the built in sarcasm protector as well, so I'll be sure to PM you with an update just as soon as I can. (y)
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