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perforated leathers

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by samks, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. Can any one sell me where I can get some leathers perforated? I have a set of custom made leathers that the jacket has shrunk (honest I haven’t put on wait)

    Any how, I’ve moved to QLD from the UK and its way to hot for me to ride with my jacket and I don’t like the idea if the t-shirt and shorts I’ve seen people riding around with here. I’m shore these are safety shorts and t-shirts, just like steel capped thongs but I like the idea of wearing at least a jacket and jeans. After almost 20 years of riding I’ve never had any road rash and I’ve come off my ride more times than George Michael. (Sorry).

    Any how, I need to get a new jacket so not worried about perforating the old one, also I haven’t seen any thing in the shops I’d buy over getting a new jacket made (only cost’s about $500 from memory).

    So any advice or any thing off the shelf you think is not WAY over priced for a pile of c%@£!

  2. I wear a teknic chicane perforated leather jacket. Cost me about $500 locally, though it is a LOT cheaper if you ship from the states.

    I'm happy with it, looks good, is comfy, and it served me well in a lowside with very minor damage (as i'd hope for a leather bike jacket). The perforation is neat and flows a lot of air as long as you are moving.. though when you're stopped it's just as hot as the next leather jacket. I haven't had to give it a serious clean yet but I can imagine that picking out gooey bugs out of the perforations would be a real pain. :p

    If you're looking for something a bit cheaper then I think you might be looking at more mesh/textile gear.
    Best of luck mate
  3. thanks tomm but thats my point with the off the shelf stuff. it must be about $500 to $700 at the most to get a custom made one. if i was to go for a off the shelf jacket it'd have to be cheaper so i think i might be looking it a mesh thingy
  4. collins leather is up your way somewhere? might be somewhere to start.
  5. brillant. i'll give them a try.

  6. Perforated Leather is the only way to go, my A* stunt jacket is suitable about 9 months of the year. When really cold I pop a waterproof over, when really hot, just wet my sports shirt [skins] underneath. :cool:
  7. Dainese also make perforated leathers. For some crazy reason its near impossible to find in Australia though. I've bought a few things from there outlet in Belgium - highly recommend them.

    If you know your size, it helps, if not the guys there are very useful.