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Perfect Weather! Who else took advantage?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Lugo, May 8, 2012.

  1. Considering I've had a pretty crappy weekend and start to the week I decided to pull the trusty GS out of the garage today in light of the beautiful sunny day we've had here in Melb. Nothing like getting out on the road with no real purpose but to enjoy the weather taking my time and remaining determined not to get frustrated with anything or anyone who might get in my way.

    Made the decision to jump on the eastern and hit Eastlink all the way down to Frankston, where I made my way through town onto the Nepean down to Mornington. Made my way down Main St in Mornington down to the esplanade, to follow the windy roads down the coast into Dromana, where I made my first stop for a breather at one of the piers.

    Took off from there and rolled on down to Rye for a bit of a look-see. Then came back up the Peninsula to what seems to be a fishing spot between McCrae and Dromana for a drink before making the trip back home again before peak hour settled in too much.

    240km later I'm feeling much more relaxed than I was at the start of the day, love this little 2 wheeled machine!

    Who else took advantage of Victoria's lovely weather today?


  2. Went for a ride thru the dandenongs, but it was tempered by the idiotic traffic restrictions.

    Seems an 80 kmh limit means you should drive at 60-70 kmh ( to be safe you know)

    Similarly to all other speed limits.

    But you cant let someone pass you can you, that would be polite wouldnt it!

    The rest of the way was under 40 kmh restrictions because they were working in one 20 m stretch, so you have to shut down 5 km of road.

    Just gave up and went home. Interestingly enough, in 40 kmh areas near schools,or shops, i was the only vehicle doing anything like 40, was being passed left right and centre!
  3. Had a fantastic ride around the bay with a couple of workmates, best riding day this year, conditions were great!
  4. Lovely day, nice ride, and lunch with SWMBO.

    Then washed the Grey Ghost for the first time in weeks and got some sun at the same time =D>
  5. Stop bragging

    The closest I got was lunch at South Wharf.......and I walked there.
  6. I did a 340k trip out to the highlands out north, fantastic weather, excellent roads, even discovered some new roads I hadn't been on before.....top day.
  7. I got to work for the whole day :(... Got to come home, make dinner, shower, clean up, watch master chef with the wife, put little 1 down for sleep then quickly jump on the bike and go for a biff for 40 minutes then home and bed lol.... Definitly no beach cruises for me today :(
  8. Top day in SA as well.
    Took one last chance to ride Bull Creek before the speed limit drops to 80. But I cut the fun short after the 5th police speed check.
    5 times in two hours means they are out to get me.
    But aside from that, awesome day.
  9. Great weather in Sydney area. Went for the Putty run. Lots of bikes out on the road. Terrific.
  10. Brissy area was awesome, went down to Byron Bay. Even the dolphins were enjoying the weather.
  11. Took?
    Still taking advantage. Good weather all up the coast. Did a couple mods on the Saturday and riding every day this week. More clear sky and dry roads forecast!!
  12. Jealous of your ability to keep taking advantage. Rain is all that seems to be forcast for Melbourne now. Today was a beauty of a day but had to commute across town for work with a colleague in the car, just not the same! Shattered really.