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Perfect match

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Scrambles, Mar 25, 2007.

  1. If you could fight anyone in the world, no holds barred, to the death...who would it be?

    In no particular order:

    1. Rodahn
    2. Lindsy Lohan
    3. Patrick Stewart
  2. 1. Harold Scruby
    2. The dude that invented speed cameras
    3. Germaine Greer
  3. 1. Inventors of Big Brother
    2. The folk that do the low-voiced voiceovers on Channel 10 promos (yeah you sound real dramatic)...
    3. My neighbours who let their dog bark at all hours of the day/night :evil:
  4. after much thought & consideration I could only come up with the following:

    1. the ex
    2. -
    3. -

  5. Hmmm, im sure there would be a few people!
    Its amazing how many 'wankers' you meet in a life time...

    Off the top of my head tho, id have to nominate mundine.
  6. Yeah nixon chick. you got that right
  7. Ever seen that movie where J-Lo beats the ever loving shit through her abusive husband? I really liked that movie.
  8. Cant say I have. Any good tips :p
  9. Good luck with that one

  10. I wouldn't want to have a professional boxer fight me in a fight to the death thats for sure.
  11. Nah gash. .
  12. Late entry:

  13. phil gould

    white american males (age 18-25)

    john howard
  14. 1. Kyle Sandilands
    2. Paris Hilton
    3. Alan Jones (the radio announcer)
  15. +1
  16. Einstein, Beethoven and Galileo.

    No reason, just reckon they'd all be up for a punch on.
  17. 1. Jason H***..... Boy from Grade 4 who made up a horrible nickname for me and tormented me from the day I started school in Australia to the day I left that stinkin town :grin:

    2. Nixon-chic's ex. :rofl:

    3. Ben Bostrom - but only in movie mode (get really rough with him and then director yells 'cut'). :grin:
  18. Awww this is too hard... I'm usually so angry at so many people, but now I can't think of anyone... :(

    1. The mechanic who used to work on my rotary for ripping me off and costing me lots of money. Then cancelling a company cheque and telling me that he was going to "Do it tomorrow" for 3 months straight

    2. My former boss who though the best way to improve productivity would be to install more phones out in the workshop area, so you get nice and distracted by 20 phones ringing when you're trying to work

    3. Harold scruby - I also drive a fourby
  19. In no particular order:

    George doublya

    Any American rapper.........remember you cant spell crap without rap

    the kid that does the lube mobile adds....you know firteen firteen firdytwo
  20. +1

    He's almost as bad as "Arfur Macarfur" from Hey Dad!