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Perfect LAMS cruiser, low KMs, as new condition, 11 months rego - $3400

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Lesha, Jan 3, 2013.

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  1. A perfect choice for a learner, this LAMS approved cruiser Hyosung Aquila GV250 has a low seat (only 26 inch from the ground) is very easy to handle and is extremely light for a mid-sized cruiser (dry-weight is only 155 kilos). I had spent all my L's time on this bike without an issue and have easily passed my P's exam on this very bike without getting a single penalty point.

    Being painted in a rare silver-red color scheme, it has very good looks and gets a lot of thumbs up and compliments on the streets. Apart from the good looks, it has plenty of grunt for a 250cc bike (29hp versus 21hp from Yamaha Virago and 19hp from Honda Rebel) that will easily cope with maintaining the freeway speeds. Fuel economy is great as well - I usually get 250-270 kilometers on one refill (about 10-11 liters).

    The bike is in perfect condition, always serviced with genuine parts and only synthetic oils. A major service (oil, filters, spark plugs replaced, cabs cleaned and regulated, chain cleaned and lubricated, all grease-points serviced) was done just a couple of months ago, the battery was replaced about 6 months ago. There is a log book and I have kept most of the receipts.

    It comes with 11 months of rego and I will also throw in a weather-proof bike cover and some parts (filters, clutch cable) that were ordered as a part of the bulk, but never used. Parts are very easy to get and can cost you very cheap if you will order on-line.

    Put together 11 months rego and a recent full service, and you will have nothing to spend on the bike for the whole year ahead, just save a couple dollars from your lunch money for the fuel :)

    I am selling the bike only because I want to upgrade and have got a good deal on a larger cruiser, and my new bike is actually the same make (Hyosung,) but another model - GV700.

    My asking price is $3400, the bike can be seen in Pyrmont, any inspections are welcome.
    Please call Alex on 04 0942 1311.

    PS. Please note this price is for the bike without the crash-guards and luggage rack (they are on the photo, but won't be on the bike). If you want crash-guards and luggage rack, it will add $300 to the price.

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  2. Sold.
    Thank you for looking.
  3. My gosh, fast sale! Congrats :)

    people are fcuked *shakes head*

    congrats on the sale OP
  5. Where are the picks of the new bike
  6. Thanks guys, and sorry if I got in front of the line :)

    87crisis, you're right - people are, but that's our norm :)
    Hyosungs are bloody cheap bikes already, but everyone I've shown this bike to wanted it even cheaper - normal thing :)

    My new bike is a bigger Hyosung, IMHO the best bang for your buck in small and mid-cruiser range. Looks something like on the photo.

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  7. I have to be honest, I really like the look of this bike.
    It's the horror stories that put me off
    I hope you have many trouble free miles
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