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Perfect first ride on a perfect day!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by vies, Nov 7, 2009.

  1. Hi guys! Just want to share my experience...

    Got my zzr250 on Wednesday and my L's the previous week and have only ridden at night for around 30 mins to the local carpark for some practice and only go as fast as ~50km/h.

    Today the weather in Melbourne was perrrffeeccct!!! So I went on my first proper ride that lasted for 2 hours (although I didnt realize this until I get home).
    Started at South Melbourne and went down to St Kilda for lunch (The Beachcomber, great food) then afterwards just went along the Marina Parade and continue to Beach Rd all the way to Mentone. I then turned off at Mentone and headed back to the city through the Nepean Highway.

    Couple of things I found:
    - It was an amazing feeling getting nods from other bikers on the road!! It really makes you feel like part of a community.
    - I had my first experience with counter-steering. It actually turn out to feel quite natural...
    - Had a chance to lane-split at the lights (only at the lights around stationary cars!!!) on St Kilda junction going back to South Melbourne, it felt good to pass through traffic and not sitting behind waiting for it to move!
    -The acceleration of the bike felt much better than a car, mind you I don't drive a performance car or anything but then again the bike was a 250
    - Cars cut-off in front of me a couple of times, it was bewildering that they would just change lane into such a small space in front of me... It's true what they say that you do feel a bit invisible on the bike, so just keep your cool and stay out of blind spots!!
    -Lastly, how tiring it actually is to ride, maybe next time I should relax more and not put so much weight on my arms...

    Still can't wipe the smile off my face!! :D
    Looking forward to next Saturday for the Learners' Practice Ride!!! Thx for reading!! (y)
  2. Welcome to the wonderful world of riding! Sounds pretty much like the same first "real" ride that I did after getting my Ls. I was hooked at the end of it too. You will know you are a real rider when you get to ride through the pissing rain and still love it!

    Stick around this forum, you will learn heaps. I know I have (and still am).

    Keep enjoying and ride safe! :)
  3. Look forward to meeting you at Sat morning practice.

    Come up and say hello, we don't bite.

  4. Cheers guys! NR has been really great!! Looking forward to Saturday