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Perfect day for it!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kenny, Sep 22, 2012.


    Today, beautiful riding weather, finished work early, wife and kids out till late arvo and I think to myself this is too good to be true....... It was.

    Get all my gear on, wheel the bike out to the front yard hit the starter, click..... Then nothing, no lights, no starter, nothing.

    She'll be right I'll just roll start the biatch, yeah right. Now with a dead battery and no jumper leads and 20 odd minutes of sweating my ass off in full gear up and down the driveway attempting roll starts I was about to give up when I remembered the battery charger in the shed, plugged it in waited and waited and waited the little green light comes on and I think you ripper here we go!!

    Nope still nothing, I can only assume the battery has sh!t the tin but it was too late to go and buy one and fit it in hope, the wife was to be home soon. Back to beers and footy for me!
  2. dontcha just hate that?

    I hope you've got a spares place close by :) the weather tomorrow is going to be even better
  3. You did check the kill switch wasn't on, yes? :p
  4. Only about 500 times

    It did chug a few times and the tacho was dancing around which makes me think battery problem
  5. If you do get a new battery, and/or get it running, be sure to check the voltage.
    Possible the rectifier could be rooted (which could be the cause of the dead battery and why it won't jump start).
  6. Happens to me all the time, usually every few weeks if I let my bike sit for more than 2-3 days. I have a charger with an Instant Start boost so she fires up in about 5 minutes everytime.

    Off topic, I finally got around to fitting a 44T sprocket to my kwaka today and took it for a 2 hour run in sunny Sydney, awesomeness all round.
  7. Not here we have the worst weather in Oz
    And get yourself a new battery and you wont have any problems for a few years.
    If it doesnt start after a few days sitting you have a current leakage somewhere or youre battery is on its way out,which is a good indication to change it
    A volt meter will help too.
  8. Had a moment like that on Friday. Perfect day, family is away on holidays, bike in perfect running order. I was just too hungover ](*,)
  9. My battery was dead yesterday - lucky there's a kickstarter on my MadAss! I'll definately be buying a charger this week!
  10. Got some jumper leads today, started and ran beautifully until I took the leads off then it died, will get a new battery and hope for the best
  11. been there. done that. I've now got a $20 SCA solar charger that gets fitted if the bike's standing for more than a week or so.