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perf vs non-perforated leather

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by cleanhands, Jul 3, 2009.

  1. I really liked the teknik gear for value, but the only thing that was a snug fit for me were the Dainese leathers (newscan jacket and SF pants) which I'm now about to put an order through for. But I'm wondering whether to get a perforated version or non-perforated.

    I plan on riding my bike only on days where there is no rain, and I live in Melbourne so we do get some cold yet sunny days.

    What, from those of you living in Melbourne, is better overall (I would buy both if I was rich, but I'm not right now) for our weather - perforated gear or non-perforated?
  2. Planing on riding in summer? If so then get perf
  3. I agree, get perforated because even if it is cold you can wear something underneath to make it a bit warmer and most jackets come with some kind of thermal lining.
  4. I've got perf and wear oxford chillout underneath. but i've also got waterproof/windproof touring gear I wear through winter. In Melbourne you need a few sets of gear. (Its been 2 or 3 in the hills recently and gets to 40+ in summer)
    I'd suggest unperf and get a mesh jacket for summer, but perf with the right undersuits should work.
  5. i ordered a perf santamonica dainese a year ago and when it came in they sent the non perf, silly me didnt want to wait for them to send a new one so i took the non perf. its a great jacket but very very hot.
  6. get perforated. you can always wear more layers underneath, especially as the leather stretches out. you can only take off so many layers with unperforated. and it gets f*cking hot in any leathers, especially black, on a sunny, dry, 35 degree melbourne day
  7. I think they are right. I started with a solid leather jacket and it was OK up to about 27 so I got a mesh jacket for summer. then I got vented leathers and they were OK in low-mid 30's. now I've got the perf but haven't worn them through a summer yet. windchill is a factor most of the year though.
  8. with a simple thin but windproof over-jacket, you remove the wind chill from having a perforated jacket. layers are your friend in winter. then layer off for summer, vents open, perf's flowing, you're set.
  9. My Dainese jacket is not perforated. I think that's an advantage in winter as it doesn't let the breeze through. I've ridden on some of the hotter summer days with it on (got to 38 the day I did my licence test and I didn't get home until about 10pm after going for a ride afterwards) and came out ok even though silly me didn't open the air vents. The leather was wet from perspiration at the bottom of my sleeves though. A lot of people say that leather jackets aren't too warm in winter. I suspect that's because they're talking about perforated leather. I prefer warmer weather so a non perforated leather jacket is my preference in Melbourne (I hope its not a killer in Brisbane!).

    As for the riding pants, I can't comment because I've got Hornees. I suppose the vented/perforated ones would be fine.

    EDIT: I just read Nibor's response above mine. That's probably the best way to go as you have the most options.
  10. This is basically what I did with my summer textile jacket.

    I know theres no winter in qld :p
  11. I personally think you are better having the two outer layer extremes (ie non perf leather and a summer mesh jacket) and then you can meet them in the middle depending upon what you wear underneath.

    Even at its coldest in Melbourne I just wear a t-shirt under a set of windproof type thermals called cold killers that I brought from the UK and with a set of winter gloves I have been completely toasty.

    In the height of summer a pair of draggin jeans and a mesh jacket is about as good as it is going to get.

    As the temp starts to cool just put the cold killers under the mesh jacket until it cools so much that it is t-shirt only under the leathers until the coldest that I have mentioned above.

    I am sure there must be a similar thing for sale as the cold killer stuff that I have got available in Australia basically it is fleece on the rear and a windproof material on the front - I have found it the most important part of my kit.
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  13. oxford chillout are similar and are stocked in aus. pretty sure ficeda distribute them.
  14. Being in Melbourne I'd suggest saving yourself some money and getting the non-perf jacket, you don't want one for the colder weather we have. Then I'd suggest putting the money you saved towards a mesh jacket when things start to warm up again next summer.

    Perf'd leather is certainly cooler than non-perf'd, but for the summer weather we have here it's still too hot, mesh is the only way to go when thing really warm up.

    So unfortunately there really isn't one jacket that will "handle it all" for Melbourne weather. I'd approach your gear acquisition with that in mind - two kits to keep you covered for warm and cold weather.
  15. I second that. Living in Victoria you really need at least 2 lots of gear/jackets. If you ride all year round you will be in conditions from 3 to mid 30s, ignoring extreme weather days and the alpines.

    I have 3 jackets. Mesh for over 25 degrees. A Dririder Jacket which is wind and waterproof for roughly 13-25 degrees. And a Firstgear Thermo 1 piece suit for the cold single digit weather.

    It all depends on where you live as to how much gear or how many jackets you need. If you lived in North Qld you would get away with just a mesh with liner I would imagine year round.

    We all live in different places, no one right answer.
  16. Pfft, liners are for wimps!

    I moved here in January and was the proud owner of a RST perforated race suit (which I used for racing) and Tiger Angel Elements jacket, as well as Draggin Jeans.

    I very quickly realised that the TA jacket was now useless. It's simply too warm and being a fantastic wind proof jacket, allows zero airflow and that's what you want to stay cool.

    My perforated suit works ok for the cooler months and early morning, but mid summer it's just a way of losing fluids. But then the mesh jacket I now own is also fairly useless too.

    If I was on a restricted budget, I'd get just the mesh, but if I could afford both I'd get the perforated jacket as well. There are probably 2mths a year when it can be blistering hot in Victoria and a nother 3 or 4 where a perforated jacket/suit with an inner liner or over jacket* would be superb. Mesh jackets are great but I am still concerned with their overall high speed safety and I don't feel comfortable when going for a 'proper' ride. For that I bring out the perforated suit.

    * RST do one of these and they work really well on their suits. Even a wind proof fleece over the top works wonders.
  17. People might want to consider humidity too. Not all 30 degree days are equal.
  18. ended up order non-perf gear (vented) with a set of thermals (for winter).

    will see how I go. :eek:
  19. living in sydney the non perf wasnt too bad, now i moved to cairns im alittle worried about how ill go in summer. i have a dri rider mesh jacket but hate to wear it. i feel so naked without my leather, its like a 2nd skin to me now!
  20. I've got totally used to the Spidi Mesh jacket, works a treat.