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Perception - Reasons NOT to ride

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by MadAzz300, Oct 6, 2012.

  1. ...or are there?

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  2. I'd like to see them put a positive spin on snow and black ice. That's the one thing that used to keep me from riding (and also from driving).
  3. Kids. Other responsibility elsewhere that demands you not ride. There are always reasons.
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  4. Snow and black ice just makes it easier to drift your 250.
  5. Nice find. Do disagree with the helmet hair being a badge of honour though.
  6. Because you do it for a living......and have to long.....and all your friends think it's fun......and your wondering why your doing this if you aren't being paid..........all your money goes into new and more speed camera's......you cant walk strait because of them....and my bottom hurts
  7. Agree - I finally realise why chicks on bikes usually have short hair lol..
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  8. Nooooooooo, the next step is justifying comfortable shoes! [-(
  9. They spelled 'Than' wrong. Ruined the whole video. :cry:
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  10. That's just not on ay Kernel.... I didn't notice.... bugger.... *sigh* ingrish is up the shyt these days...

  11. ......
  12. I'm guessing that guy on the C90 is probably running very different tyres to the grooved slick road tyres I had. He also didn't have to put up with p-plater is VR Commodores trying to drive at 80kph in 2-inch deep snow (which I've certainly seen more than once, though it never ended well for the p-plater).

    I'll certainly be quite happy if I never ride through a patch of black ice again.
  13. This video made me smile. Thankyou.
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