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Peoples Opinions Best Commuter?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Bugjuice88, Oct 20, 2012.

  1. Best commuter!

    What are peoples thoughts?

    Not interested in best street bike, lane splitting bike, or city bike. But peoples all time favorite bike they reckon they should be capable of doing 30-50ks each day on.

    Must be a bike that you would be comfortable on the open road on, and can rack up heaps of ks and not care about resale.

  2. Well, that is certainly one correct answer.

    I guess characteristics of a good commuter would include good fuel consumption and high reliability. Probably also good to be light since you'll often be at slow speeds and parking light bikes is easier.

    With all that, I'd say CBR250R or maybe GS500.
  3. I'm with Blabbs
  4. CBR 250R does not fit the criteria.
  5. Because it's not Blab's all time favourite commuter?
  6. GS500 is certainly up there for reliability, simplicity, tank capacity (20L tank @5L/100kms gave me 400Ks/tank). Probably the F provides a bit more wind protection, but I had the naked and never suffered for it.

    I've always heard that the BMWs will just keep on going and going and going, lots of options there. The cops use BMWs mostly, there's probably a reason for that which may or may not be relevant here.

    Depending on the traffic conditions you're commuting in, and the weather conditions, something with (a three letter acronym that has to do with helping the bike stop) might be worth considering. You know what riding you'll be doing, you make an informed decision on that one.

    Lastly for me, versatility is a factor. I commute on my bike 300 - 400ks per week, but it's also my recreation bike, my touring bike, my everything bike. Currently I have a sport tourer (ninja1000) which ticks all my boxes. It's not the most fuel efficient bike in the world, though that may have something to do with the rider / riding style.
  7. When I think commuter I think "best street bike, lane splitting bike, or city bike."

    When I think "Must be a bike that you would be comfortable on the open road on, and can rack up heaps of ks and not care about resale." I think tourer (goldwing, FJR1300 etc)

    I had a Sachs madass and thought it was brilliant for going to and from work but I would not want to be doing 30-50ks per day. I used to do that kind of trip daily on a ZZR250 and found the little engine annoying on the highway. Maybe a CB400, GS650 or Hornet 600?

    Maybe even a maxi scooter 8-[
  8. CB400....does it all.
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  9. CB400s do chow down the petrol, though apart from that they're good.

  10. A DL650.

    22litre tank, I get 450kms if I run it empty (and that is spirited).
    Great in traffic, twisties and gravel.
    Comfy as fuck.
    Simple to service.
    Great fun engine.
    No one will steal it.
    Do endless kms and carry gear.

    Best commuter/all rounder I have ever owned.
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  11. Bus
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  12. Im not really asking specifically its more a what is your favorite?

    And my idea of commuting is from one area/town/suburb to the next not start stop at lights. Maybe 3 or 4 sets near your work but not 50 billion lights, thats where your primary use would be lane splitting. My idea is more something thats reliable as Palmela Handerson and not blow over if a truck goes past.
  13. oh and i live in the country so busses dont really just exist unless your school aged.
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  14. my fav - SV650 - Simple, Reliable and fun.
  15. I've commuted on an xvs650, gsx750f, cb600fi, r1200c, cb900f hornet [current], I loved the 'teapot' gsx750f was comfy, bullet proof etc, must say tho, cb900f I have a blast with, both commuting and when trying my hand thru the twisties, as a commuter, goes,stops, splits all with ease..get 300 kms out 19 litres, if I was to watch the speed and 'tried' I think the bike might stretch it to close to 350kms..
  16. Geared like a tractor,not fast but quick ,eat some oil .If you touch the throttle they suck the fuel,Total Split personality

    ya put that screen down and ride`em hard. thats a thrill - from boring as British television to Wtf is this thing.And they really handle

    But oh soo comfortable to ride ,for what is close to a 300kg monster. And you feel safe riding it at any speed you can legally do ,

    its fun mess with people on mobile phones - ya just smash the throttle open. And watch them pull over, must be a mix of guilt and that massive headlight coming up
  17. Strom -reliable, sips fuel, comfortable, cheap 2nd hand, fast enough away from the lights, slim enough to filter, high enough to see over traffic.
  18. Kwaka 650 ABS.

    3 styles to choose from, Ninja, ER or Versys. $9-10K. Comfortable for just over 60-90 min, sweet as in traffic, excellent handling, agile, gobs of power and great braking. Also takes a nice load of commuting luggage.

    Love mine. Commute most days from the burbs into busy CBD, ab about 40klm per day.