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people who ride to uni, one for you...

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by emilmh, Mar 19, 2006.

  1. im planning on riding into uni on my bike however on my "test runs" i have found that my boots are a pain in the arse to carry round, as is my jacket and helmet!!
    I obviously need a helmet, but what are others doin with other gear? you wear normal shoes?

    any comments ideas?

  2. oh yeah, and also, i can see my brand new helmet getting knocked about and scratched, anything i can do about that? :(
  3. topbox???
  4. I just wear normal shoes and draggins when i go to uni and just carry around my jacket and helmet or if it's cold i wear the jacket.

    I've thought about locking the helmet to the bike a few times but i park it in an alcove area where it is not always visible and i don't want it getting nicked.
  5. Ask one of your tutors/lecturers if you can leave your helmet/jacket/boots in their office.

    Oh and Michael, Segal is a pussy, Chuck would kick six different shades of sh!t out of him :)

  6. get a locker.

    otherwise leave your helmet attached to your bike and wear skate shoes, then you only have to carry the jacket around.
  7. Do you travel far? the reason i wanted to use proper boots is cos i use the highway alot so im sitting on 90kph for a long time and if i come off i want my feet left... but at the mo im considering wearing doc martin boots, at least i hope they would be better than normal joggers.

    Also im in the same boat, there is no way i can have bike in in sight and i dont want anything getting nicked either...
  8. My Rossi Vision boots and Draggins are real comfy to wear around all day. That's what I do, stick jacket, gloves and helmet in the top box.
  9. yeah i use a topbox and when not going to uni i take it off the bike cause it dont look cool. i reckon that works pretty well.
  10. they cost money and are ugly :p

    but looks like it might be an option to look towards

    i ahve got a locker, but if i was to wear my boots till i came to my locker, i'd be walkin a bit from the bike park, so look like a powerranger, be sqeaking, and walking like an idiot , lol that was my original plan tho, to have a set of thongs in my locker to swap over to

    i dont have any good pants yet so im just wearing normal jeans at the mo
  11. ahh didnt realise they came off that easy, a top box is the metal frame thing around the back which a metal box attached to right? behind the pillion seat?
  12. I travel pretty far but it's standstill traffic pretty much the whole way so i can't travel too fast when i'm lanesplitting.
    I'd much rather wear my boots because they're safer and it's easier to shift in them but walking around all day it becomes uncomfortable (Expecially in summer) and gives me blisters, when i can afford to get a better pair i'll be wearing them under my jeans.

    Does your uni have a gym???, they probably hire out lockers where you could keep your stuff if it becomes annoying to carrying it around but personally carrying my helmet and jacket has never really been a problem for me.
  13. Let me get this right...you're worried about what you look like walking from your bike in a car park to your locker in the Uni?...give us a break.
    Some of these blokes here live in their bike gear, day in and day out, and you're worried about a five min walk?

    Despite the fact I find the above very amusing I will give you this tip...if your using a full face helmet cable lock it to the bike thru the chin plate.
  14. buy a suzuki across. :LOL:
  15. It's not so much that, but the fact that my boots take up heaps of space so i have to carry them (along with helmet, jacket and large bad), they are too uncomfortable/hard to walk that distance in (plus its up slopes and steps), and cos they are a nice pair of boots which i got almost brand new for a bargain price (that i wont be able to afford an equivalent of again) i would prefer not to wear out the soles from using them as joggers...
    Plus i dont exactly enjoy looking like im handicapped when walking (no offence to anyone that is) and if i was to change to some other shoes where i park the bike, i have to sit on the ground, get s#!t all over my arse, have even more to carry and take forever!

    give ME a break
  16. actually i was looking at them before i got my bike. considering you could fit helmet and gloves in there it would be great as a commuter bike, only reason i didnt get one is cos i got a good price on the bike i have at the moment.
  17. i just wear boots and carry my stuff. summer in boots at uni isn't an issue as it's summer holidays nov. til march.
  18. I ride to uni to. It can be a bit a pain in the arse but if you want to get around it I suggest getting a locker at our uni's gym. Sometimes even your School will have some exclusive places for its students, eg a society room. Personally I lock my helmet to the hooks on my bike, put my gloves in my bag, and just carry the jacket. Its not too bad, in my case carrying the gear around is nothing compared to trying to park a car on campus.
  19. I just lock my helmet to the bike. I know that’s not very safe but the bike is in a designated bike park so I think it’s unlikely a fellow biker would steal my helmet (unless they were a real dick). I see plenty of other people doing it and there helmets are worth a hell of a lot more than mine! Eg Shoei, Arai ect. I just carry my gloves and jacket around with me. It’s a pain in the ass but it sure beats catching the bus!

    If you go to Uni of Queensland emilmh, then you can just hire out a locker from the UQ sports centre. I think they are a bit pricy though.

  20. Undo your boots zips so that you dont have to walk like a gimp.
    Then ask around and organise somewhere to keep your gear, be it a locker (extra one) or a lecturers office.

    If you have proper boots and dont wear them while riding, you only have yourself to blame when some fool closes your lane-splitting gap and crushes your ankle. No more complaining about the walk then, you wont have to do it anymore.

    I dont mean to have a go at you or anything, but wear your gear. Thats why you shelled out the cash for it.

    P.S. I have boots and sometimes in the past have chosen not to wear them, my wife coming down on me is much MUCH worse than having a crash and needing them.
    So i have now purchased a set of boots that i will actually wear all the time.
    Better to spend too much and wear the gear than hate the gear youve got and leave it in the closet.
    Thats the argument i made to the girly when i bought the new boots anyway.