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people who power drink and the affects of doing so

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Guest, Dec 20, 2005.

  1. as i have said before i was recently assaulted in a pub totally unprovoked and it happened twice at different times during the same nite by the same person i have witnesses and now that the cops have questioned him he has now come up with his own witnesses who will confirm his story,hence the subject ,if anyone has any storys plz tell me,it totally destroy your faith in the legal system this country has i am not a small bloke but i am also not a violent person it would take alot to get me to hurt another person intentionally,but these people who drink and become violent and then wake up in the morning and lie about what they have done the nite before, and then have the cops question the victom,it seems to me the system is failing

  2. No security system pictures?
  3. like everywhere else in the world, you just plain get dickheads :?

    these dumbshits would probably still be violent when not on the piss, they might just do it a little more discreetly is all. drinking doesn't do wonders for violence, but it doesn't really CAUSE it, it just helps it along. in all my years of silly binge drinking, the most violent things i've ever done involve hurling myself headlong at a fence because it talked back to me :shock:
  4. Unfortunately thats life buddy... I spent 4 years working in a bloodbath on the other side of the bar.. and the number of times that the bar staff had to provide statements to the cops was just ridiculous... the bar staff however were usually sober enough for the cops to believe... suggest u talk to the staff/bouncers for some back up statements.. The demon alcohol can be held accountable for some totally unacceptable behaviour/actions... and not just by the guys either... good luck with your quest for justice..

    BTW have witnessed a bouncer charged with manslaughter after the victim fell & smacked his head on the concrete kerb (completely unassisted) .. the "victim" was blind drunk & was being removed from the premises after assaulting a girl inside the club... and a violent assult too... regrettably the testimony in the bouncers favour was dismissed/discounted by the judicial system... and he suffered the consequences...

    Oh yeah.. one thing about working in a pub... makes u ask yourself the question.. "$H!T... do i look that stupid when I am pi$$ed?"... obvious answer of course... YEP.....:)
  5. The fence talked to you? You sure you were only drinking?
    Violent shits in bars, clubs and pubs will always be there, I feel for you that you were caught up in it all, and I hope the 'system' works out in your favour.
  6. i have a very active imagination sometimes..... highly suggestable too with a gutful of rum..... oh the bruises i've given myself :oops:
  7. well all i am sure if i pursue the matter something may come of it,but it all seems a bit to hard,
  8. Good old liquid courage hey.. But do remember one thing, there are only a few who become 10 men ( 9 dead and 1 injured ) and ruin the night. And a few of those i have sorted out quickly!! Most people are pretty funny and relaxed. And thats coming from a non drinker.
  9. Carry a piece then no one will f*&^ with you twice :p

    Just my 2c on such situations. Try to avoid all confrontations, be the bigger person and let words roll of your back, its all a test of sticking to your morals and upholding them.

    In any situation take on what is within your known limits. There is a thin line in between a punch to the face and an uppercut that leads nose bones piercing the brain killing someone, imagine gaol time for life, the guilt of taking a life, because of an argument.
  10. The nose into the brain thing is hollywood nonsense, there's a much much much greater risk of someone getting KTFO'd standing and hitting their head on the ground and dying from that (which happens in and out of the ring).

    I'm nice to everyone until someone crosses the line (eg, putting their hands on me) and then it's either scrap or leave, even though you're the innocent party your mistake was staying around for a second incident. You don't have to be a violent person to defend yourself when assaulted, my guess is that you're not confident in your ability to do so. I'd suggest doing a few months of kickboxing and/or brazilian jiu jitsu (my two arts of choice), it's amazing what you can pick up in that time, certainly enough to keep you safe until the security comes to pull the guy off you.

  11. He clearly didn't deserve to be hit and I agree, sticking around for round two might not have been a good idea,..... but innocent? perhaps, not entirely. The original thread seems to have been deleted so maybe RUMPTYTRUMPTY could re-enlighten us as to exactly what Mark said to the guy who blocked his view of the telly. :)
  12. Oh, I didn't catch round one of the thread :)

  13. ok seany ,i did say to the two heros in question to get the f#*k out of the way so i admitt. i swore at them but should that constitute a violent reaction
  14. mark if you've made it to 35 and you're still brawling in bars over whether or not you can see a TV, then I'm not sure that an Internet forum can help you much. I think you need a maturity bypass at least, and some serious counselling too :LOL:
  15. well hornet if you read wat was written in the thread instead of being a complete dope you would understand that i dont like fighting and this hole forum was about people who in fact do like fighting so you should think about wat you write before doing so ,and i think that maturity is one thing i have but apparently commen sence is something you seem to lack
  16. No. Of course it doesn't. I didn't say you deserved it, only that you contributed by verbaly abusing the person in question knowing there was a good chance he'd be drunk.

    No-one deserves to be attacked, but then no-one deserves to have someone tell them to fcuk off when politely asking them to move over would have been fine. I wouldn't have punched you for your actions, but not everyone is as appauled by violence as myself. I'm sure you'd agree that certain choice phrases in a pub are more likely to result in an angry drunk. If one wants to avoid a fight, the safest bet is to not speak agressively toward others.
  17. You will find many of these types have a mental problem - getting drunk just makes it worse.

    Typically they will just look around and think everyone is trying to have a go at them - it's a form of skitzo - and I have seen it from both sides of the fence and prevented one mate of mine who is like this from going on a fight-fest!

    The best thing to do with these types is ignore them - it takes an ounce of "confirmation" to result in a ton of trouble!
  18. The fight was a result of a person taking offence too a simple request to move out of the way he had know need to start throwing punches no matter how he was asked. :x
  19. G'damn, were you drunk when you wrote that? The lack of punctuation is hurting my head.... it feels like I'm the one who's hungover. :(

    To answer the question, no, I haven't been in that situation, and I'm not the sort of guy who would attract that kind of attention either. :p If you're in a pub, move to the bar or the door: bar staff and bouncers make more credible witnesses.

    Bouncers also may solve the problem for you.
  20. Mark, let's assume the guy was looking for a fight. He can't fight if you don't.
    Do you think he would have moved away from the TV if you hadn't 'asked' him in such provocative terms?
    Someone further up mentioned the unintentinal consequences of thse sorts of confrontation; what if the guy had fallen, hit his head and died? You'd be facing the same sort of legal action the guy who pushed David Hookes is facing. Is being right in a pub no-one cares about WORTH that sort of possibility?
    "Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging: and whoever is deceived by it is not wise."