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people who had bike licence for over 20 years

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by stick3, Jun 20, 2009.

  1. how easy was it to get a permit.... back in 1982 went to newcastle rta after work as a 18 year old found out they introduce a 20 queston with multiple choice.. i thought at the time this a cinch because.. a year earlier when i went for my car licence u had answer the 10 questsons, the rta tester arsk you vebally before u took the licence test... i pass that

    so done the test and the lady came over with a sheet of plastic with the answers,... i got 4 wrong to pass i needed no more than 3 she told me to come back in 3 days.....not me.. straight to charlestown rta same test
    20 out of 20.... those were the days before computers.

    whats your story :grin: :cool:
  2. i just rode around the 'block' at the old r.t.a here in melb (it was in carlton in 1980) and 'earned' mine! lol.
  3. My friend got hers off their local copper, didn't even have to ride!! :shock:
  4. Same here. Did mine back in 1975 on my old Honda CB350.
  5. You got 20 questions ? I only got one :LOL:

    We didn't even have an rta in our hick town :)
    I rode down to the local cop shop ( in the rain ) the sarg at the desk asked to see my car license ... then asked just one basic question.

    So I take it you didn't fall off on your way down here ?
    No sir :)
    Well I'm supposed to go outside and watch you ride around the block, but I'm sure not getting wet today just for a license test.
    Ok fill this in and sign here.....
    He tore up my old paper one and gave me a nice new one with the added bit that said M/Cycle

    ps: I was on my 1st road bike which at the time was a CB750 , you can stick the 250 learner bikes where the sun don't shine :p :LOL:
  6. lol, i did mine on a xs-250.
    i also owned a cb-350....i think it was a '75 model too! it was gold in colour.
  7. My brother was told by the RTA guy to ride up to that car at the end of the street , turn around and come back , and will meet you here.
    When he got back , he didn't see the guy , he found him inside , and he had already filled in the paperwork.
  8. I'd only owned trail bikes and didn't know if mine would pass the inspection before the test so borrowed a friend's Honda scooter, which I'd never ridden before.

    The cop (at the time) said "See that set of lights down the road? Turn left there, then turn left at the next intersection, then turn left again at the next intersection and turn left at the next and it'll bring you back to here. If you can do that you must be able to ride so go and do it while I go inside and fill out the paperwork."

    I thought it was a trick so took it really carefully in case someone was following me.
  9. Is this why you're all such terrible drivers? :LOL: :p
  10. That would be a good comment, except to say I Ride my bikes and Drive my car :p

    But why is it most new young drivers, can't reverse park to save their life ? :p :LOL:

  11. i think he is jealous .....its a lot harder and cost more to get a licence now adays
  12. The first time I got one I rode around the block with a guy from (in those days) the MRB. I did it on a borrowed scooter because there was no way my bike was road worthy.

    Twenty years later I convinced the guys at the RTA that the reason my licence had lapsed was that they had stuffed up and since it was their fault they should record me as still having a licence. Must admit that even I didn't expect this ploy to work but it did.

    Moral: Always be nice to beureaucrats. You may just see them as jumped up clerks but they have much more power to do you good or harm than you think.
  13. lol, i'm twice your age, and still here. you on the other hand have 'yet' to survive this long.
    terrible riders/drivers don't last long, so we can't be too bad! :p
  14. anyone remember the road death tolls in the olden days even before breath testing started?? i bet it was way less than it is these days, all about the $$$
  15. local police officer: "your rode that thing (ks125) into town from your place"?
    L/P/O: "Any busted bones or skin off"?
    Me: "Nope"
    L/P/O: That"s good enough for me, sign here
    (160 km of extremely bad gravel road each way)

    Strange thing: now 33 years riding and Never been booked (on a bike, car's not the same record )
    Always been able to talk, crawl, bribe my way out of it (or possibly fail to notice that my presence was requested.....) :wink: :wink:
  16. Jan 1981 - CB200 - RTA guy checks lights and horn, tells you to ride around block, come back and park bike.

    First and last time bike parked parallel to kerb :shock: But that's the way it had to be :p
  17. Hahaha don't worry I also say "ride your car" quite alot too :grin: Now that I ride I just use them interchangeably it seems :LOL:

    Nah don't worry, I know you guys have heaps of awesome experience :) Thats why I'm here so I can learn from you all!

    I have to also say in my defence that I can reverse parallel park to save my life! I just don't like to! :LOL:
  18. Goz, the road toll was 3 times higher, 30 years ago.
  19. For me, Melbourne in1986 it was the skills & theory test. Pretty much what you have to do now.

    Although, getting a bike license is the easy bit.
    Bike skills is the hard bit. Not like a car where if things go wrong it’s just a simple slam on the brakes.

    And it’s not a bout speed, because bikes get easier to ride the faster you are traveling.
    Slow. If you can ride slow, real slow, and be able to control with you feet up is the skill.
    Do heaps of slow U turns on gravel roads.
  20. well :grin: iam still here nearly 30 years on the road .....most vehicles have more safety devices in them now and roads are improving... and hefty fines and i can go on and on :cool: